8 Tips to Drive More Customers To Your Retail Store

Table of Content

1.Pandemic and retail business

2. How to make the buying experience memorable to the customer?

3.What is the impact of influencers?

4.How does advertising help

5.How to use Social media to grow business.

6. Offers and Discounts

7.Steps to grow your business.

Pandemic and retail business

Retail stores have felt a setback once online selling picked up.In the past decade, the competition for any retail store would be another store. But, with the rise of e-commerce platforms every retail store is now competing with an online business in their local region.With giants like Alibaba and Amazon growing their online presence every day, it is now becoming mandatory for retail stores to change their business game.The pandemic has also done its part in making people prefer online buying more.If you are a retail store owner focusing on growing your business, here are eight tips that can help you drive more customers into your retail store.

How to make the buying experience memorable to the customer

The only reason a customer comes back to a store is because they loved the buying experience.

So, how do you go about giving a perfect experience for your customer?

Here are three pointers!

  1. Employ a well trained sales team that aims to help the customer
  2. Don’t push the sale on every visitor. Make them feel that buying from you is a smart choice!
  3. Make the customer feel good about themselves

Impact of influencers

Influences have always had an impact on the market. Be it the days of newspapers, the Billboards, or even today’s social media, influences have always made selling easy for businesses.Try and find the best influences for your business and maintain good relations with them.If you are able to provide great Customer experience to one influencer, that person can help your business by bringing in more buyers for you. Referral programs and affiliate marketing programs can be a great boost to the sales.

Partner with like-minded brands, individuals, experts, podcast us, bloggers, and also YouTube content creators.

Using Advertising and Social media

Print advertising might seem a bit old when compared to the gimmicks that are happening on social media. But even today while we’re stuck in traffic, The first thing that captures attention will be a good advertisement board.Advertising when done smartly can bring in more leads and visits to your retail store.

The secret recipe to a successful ad campaign is a great copy and captivating image, and the channel it is advertised.

Everyone in the business world now understands the importance of social media. Instagram alone has billions of users and the shopping feature from the platform has opened another gate for e-commerce businesses.

How can you captivate the audience on social media?

Here’s the answer: Build a community on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Creating a community on social media platforms is a great way to involve your audience on a day to day basis. Making your customers share their stories about your store automatically brings in validation and is also a great testimonial material.

Back in 2014, Starbucks encouraged its customers to draw some

Offers and Discounts

The buying season is hugely dependent on the special days. Right from Valentine’s Day to Christmas, businesses influence people on a variety of scales to make them buy. Promotions are a part of every business that is happening and you need to stay out to get more traction towards your store.Your retail store has to do the decoration, offer best deals, and issue coupons based on the season. Even if a visitor doesn’t buy for a particular season sale, they’ll come back for the next season. This is the impact retail stores can create in the minds of the customers.

Note: Do Social media paid promotion to get more exposure.

Steps to grow your business

Use Google big time

This might sound like a cliche marketing tip. But it works big time! Google offers great visibility for local businesses. For a retail store, the beginner move on Google should be to get their business listed on Google maps.This way any customer who wishes to visit your store can get there without any hassle. Local SEO it’s a great way to capture an audience based out of a particular location. Google local guides also influence a lot of visits to particular places.

Tip: Gain more Google reviews from your customers  and rank easily in Google search.

Organise and sponsor events your audience will love

Using involvement to make people buy is one of the best techniques applied by event marketers. With retail stores, the main advantage is having good space.This also means that there is more space for advertising, creating a space where you can organise an event for your visitors.You can tie-up creating a new went with a season based offer.In this way, you can increase the number of visitors, gain more exposure through banner ads, make your audience participate in the event, and the best of all –   you will get a lot of eyeballs turned towards your store.

Ask for feedback

Feedbacks are the best way for any business to grow.In fact, the biggest online businesses have grown because of their feedback loops.The concept is nothing new. But the way of implementing them has changed.Earlier paper forms and registered notebooks were used to collect feedback. But now, businesses are collecting Google reviews and Instagram chickens just by holding a booth at one end of their stores. This tells us that the way people perceive about the brand has changed so much and the digital impact has grown so much.Make your customers lift your feedback in Google reviews, ask them to check in on Instagram, make them share more content about you and on Facebook. Mainly, ask them to tag your social media profiles


The above mentioned marketing techniques will bring in a change and pave the way for growth in your retail business when implemented. Do you own a retail store? Do you have any technique that has brought in good results?

Please share your thoughts and  experiences with us!

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