How to increase the deals with Dealer management software

Dealer management software

What is the dealer management software?

Dealer management software helps auto dealers with powerful features that automate the daily activities and integrate all the features in one platform customized specifically for the auto dealership business.

What features should be integrated into dealer management software?

Dealer management software should be able to integrate all the features from inventory management, customer management, accounting etc all in one platform.

Agreements need to be prepared between the dealer and the customer, these agreements can be prepared digitally without the use of paper saving both time and paper and the agreements can be stored in the cloud which saves space also. The software should be able to prepare the agreements digitally.

After the sale is done invoice needs to be raised to the customer. The software should have invoice templates to prepare the invoices from the quotes. The software should also have the facility to customize the invoices based on the requirement of the dealer.

Once the customer selects the vehicles, quotes are prepared. The customer’s approval for the purchase of the vehicle should be obtained through SMS/Whatsapp without making annoying calls to the customers.

The dealer would like to know the profit he has earned from the sale of the car. The profit per car should be easily calculated using the software.

When a customer purchases a vehicle, the service due dates are set as reminders in the software and the customer should be easily reminded of the service due dates.

The inventory is managed effectively using the software. The dealer can easily find out which vehicle is in stock and which has been sold.

All the necessary documents pertaining to the vehicle, the owner are all stored in one place. Anytime the dealer needs any information it can be retrieved from the software

The dealership business involves salesmen. The salesmen work for commission. The commission to the salesmen can be easily calculated based on the sales done for the particular month.

Customers can buy vehicles either by paying cash or on credit. These credit transactions should be easily captured by the software.

The receipts and payments to the business should be recorded by the software. This gives a true financial position of the business. The cash position of the business helps the dealer to make future investments.

The software should have a mobile App feature that helps the dealer to access the business from anywhere.

Which software to choose?

A software that is user-friendly and that which has all the features that are required by the dealership business to automate and streamline the activities of the business is required.

Moiboo is a software that is customized specifically for the dealership business. It has all the features that can help in automating and streamlining the activities of the dealership business.

Features of the Moiboo software

  • Digital agreements
  • Invoicing
  • Consignments
  • Profit per car
  • Multi-currency
  • Vehicle management
  • Document management
  • Purchases
  • Mobile App
  • Commission Calculation
  • Accounting
  • Floor credit management


The dealer management software should be beneficial for both the customer and the dealer. The customer should be able to choose the vehicle he desires from the website and the dealer should be able to keep a track of the vehicles that are coming in and going out.

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