Inventory management software is a tool to manage your stock. It is a tool that automates important aspects of inventory and warehouse management. In many businesses keeping an accurate control over inventory is very critical. An inventory management software should have features like order management, barcode scanning, billing management and detailed reporting.

Functions of an Inventory management software

  • Planned management
  • Balanced supply and demand
  • Avoid stock outs and over stocks
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Easy Inventory management
  • Reporting

Need for an  inventory management software

1.Inventory management software is needed to remove inefficiencies in managing the inventory.

2.Proper inventory management software will let you know the exact stock you have in your warehouse.

3.Usually large businesses have multiple locations, a centralised inventory management software helps to reconcile the stock in all the locations.

List of 5  Inventory management software in Singapore


Inventory management software

Name  Moiboo software
Grants  Yes
Contact +65 98951817

Be it a Automobile business or a Retail or a wholesale business, it becomes a huge task for the owner to manage inventory. Moiboo software has all the features that can help you manage your inventory. It helps to track inventory by barcoding feature for products. Automobile customers can manage their vehicles in a car dealership and rental business using Moiboo. This avoids the problem of overstocking or understocking as the owner has a handy report of all the inventory. Based on this he can decide which products to stock and which not to. He can also know which stock has come in and which one has gone out. Pre defined limits can be set wherein automatic reminders are sent for purchase of stock when the stock limit goes below the predefined limit. For more information please login to and chat with the consultant.


  • warehouse management
  • POS
  • manufacturing
  • Barcodes
  • Accounting
  • Inventory management
  • Multi-branch management
  • Purchase management

2. Vinculum

Inventory Management software

Source :

Name  Vinculum warehouse management software
Grants  No

Warehouse management is the core of any business operation. While most businesses resort to the traditional manual process of tracking the stock, a warehouse management software emerges as a saviour for the task. 


  • Inventory management efficiency
  • Inventory transparency
  • Improved productivity
  • Improved customer & supplier relationship
  • Paper-less inventory management


Inventory management software

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Name  Logiwa Software
Grants  No
Contact (708) 713-6051

Logiwa software provides a digital warehouse with Mobile Apps, smart job batching, automation rules, real-time exception handling and online reporting. 


  • Digital warehouse
  • Connected ecommerce
  • Smart shipping
  • Total control
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Reporting & Analytics

4. Flamesoft

Inventory management software

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Name  Flamesoft Software
Grants  No
Contact (877) 903-5263

Flamesoft is a cloud based technology that provides users with increased accessibility and greater flexibility. It reduces maintenance costs. Flamesoft provides users with a fully automated pick and pack system that ensures precise order fulfilment and accurate inventory levels.


  • Cloud based 
  • Integration with ERP
  • Pick & Pack activity
  • Error free shipments

5. Acumatica

Inventory Management software


Name  Acumatica  Software
Grants  No
Contact +1-888-228-8300

Acumatica helps to simplify inventory process with flexible item management, easy tracking of items and robust replenishment to balance supply and demand. It helps businesses to grow. It helps to drive inventory efficiency by reducing costs involved. 


  • Streamlined item management
  • Restocking for automated orders
  • Easy tracking and control
  • Location tracking by warehouse, aisle, rack, bin etc.


Inventory management is having the right stock at the right time. Inventory management software simplifies the inventory tracking process and removes human errors in entering data. It helps in retaining customers as costumers get the stock whenever they need it. Choosing the right software is the important decision to make.

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