Lowest Price software

Choosing the right & Lowest Price software can be a very important decision for any business, the software should be able to simplify the tasks and also increase the efficiency. Software should be in the capacity to increase productivity of the business.

Singapore is a very business friendly country and the Government also motivates businesses to adapt to modern technologies to improve productivity and enhance their business in the form of Grants. 

Why do you need a software?

1.Simplifies decision making

A software gives one complete view of the entire process of your business by integrating all the activities and thus simplifying the decision making.

2.Increases productivity

Productivity is increased as processing time is quicker and simpler.

3.More reliability

Inaccurate data is eliminated and data accuracy is maintained. Accurate data is more reliable.


With reliable data, the management can take critical decisions and make powerful decisions that can impact the business.

5.Data security

Managing the data with one unified system is easier than managing multiple systems of data.

6. Better customer service.

The customer data can be accessed easily and hence the waiting time for the customer is reduced, this increases the customer satisfaction and helps in maintaining good relationship with the customer.

7.Increased sales potential

A happy customer is a good referral partner. When a customer is satisfied he in turn refers your business to other friends and companies, this in turn increases your sales.

List of 5 Lowest Price software in Singapore


Moiboo software

Lowest Price software

Name Moiboo Software
Website https://www.moiboo.com/
Local office Yes
Grants Yes
Contact +65 98951817

Moiboo helps to automate your business and provides your business full control over the activities. Moiboo is a pre-approved PSG vendor so grants can be claimed. It caters to the retail, automobile, manufacturer & distribution and services sector. It is customised to suit each business individually. It comes with an inbuilt accounting software so you do not need a separate software for accounting.

Sage Software

Lowest Price software

Source :https://www.sage.com/

Name Sage Software
Website https://www.sage.com/
Local office No
Grants No
Contact +(877) 495-9904

Sage Software helps to automate your small businesses and saves time. It is perfect for freelancers and small businesses. You can automate your book keeping and manage your cash flows.It comes with features like accounting, inventory and payments integration.


Lowest Price software

Source :ttps://www.xero.com/sg/

Name Xero Software
Website https://www.xero.com/sg/
Local office Yes
Grants No
Contact peggy.lee@xero.com 

Xero software is for small businesses, accountants and bookkeepers. Xero automates tasks that usually take a lot of time. The Mobile App helps you to keep data at your fingertip.It helps to monitor projects, keep track of time and costs. Profitability can also be ascertained. It comes with features like expenses, bank connections, payments, track projects, bank reconciliations, reporting etc.


Lowest Price software

Source :https://www.freshbooks.com/

Name Freshbooks Software
Website https://www.freshbooks.com/
Local office No
Grants No
Contact 1.888.674.3175

Freshbooks is a software for Accountants and Business owners. It has easy to use Accounting features. Customers can use the customisable invoicing feature to add a professional touch to the invoices. Payment options, automated payment reminders etc are some of the features of the software.


Lowest Price software

Source :https://int.abssasia.com/

Website https://int.abssasia.com/
Local office Yes
Grants No
Contact +603 7989 0599

Ideal for Business owners, ABSS software comes with features likes sales, purchases, track receivables, payables and GST. It is easy to use and automates all your activities. It helps to manage your inventory  and provides real time reporting.


Before choosing the software the business owner needs to understand if the potential software has all the features that are needed to run the business efficiently, does the software any customisations, is the software user friendly, can the users easily learn and adapt to the software and finally the budget, if all these criterias are fulfilled the business owner can choose the software

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