Due to the Covid outbreak it became necessary for businesses to move towards technology and adapt to digitalisation, minimart business being no exception.

Minimart software is needed to run the minimart business smoothly. All the day to day activities can be automated with the help of the software thereby reducing the manual work and letting the business owner concentrate more on the growth of the business.

Minimarket software


Advantages of having a Mini Mart software

1.Better Inventory Management

Minimart involves lot of inventory, the owner needs to know what items are coming into his stock and he needs to keep a track of the same. This can be done with the help of a POS system.

2.Billing and Invoicing

Using a POS software provides a professional touch to the invoices. THe customer gets detailed description in the invoices like the items purchased,quantity, price, GST etc.

3.Quick Payments

The POS system is integrated with payment gateways and it gives the option of making payments through debit /credit cards. This makes payment processing easier.

4.Better Promotion Management

The promotional benefits and discounts can be added in the software and the same can be utilised during billing on the items purchased.

5.Better customer experience

The customer gets satisfaction and is not required to wait in long queues to get his orders. He can get his billing done easily and time is saved.


The errors are minimised. There is data accuracy, errors are minimised. The errors that are usually committed during manual entries are minimised using the POS system.

7.Employee management

The POS system gives the details of the sales employees for example an analysis on the number of sales done by an employee, the value of the sales etc. You can analyse the highest and lowest performer with the POS system.

8.Increased Revenues

Operational costs are reduced and efficiency is increased which automatically increases the revenue to the business.

List of 8 Minimart Software in Singapore

Moiboo software

Minimart software

Name Moiboo software
Website https://www.moiboo.com
Local office Yes
Grants Yes
Contact  +65 98951817

Moiboo software is a pre-approved PSG vendor that has all the features that can help to automate your minimart business and manage all the activities effectively.It comes with features like dashboard, Barcode POS, Inventory management, Accounting, Multi -branch  and GST.


Minimart software

Source :https://qashier.com

Name Qashier
Website https://qashier.com/
Local office Yes
Grants Yes
Contact  +65 88877687

Qashier solution is a pre-approved PSG vendor, so grants can be claimed. It helps to make running your minimart business in a simple and effortless way. It comes with features like all-in-one hardware, payment terminals, Inventory tracking, Customer database and data security.

EPOS POS system

Minimart software

Source :https://www.epos.com.sg/

Website https://www.epos.com.sg/
Local office Yes
Grants Yes
Contact  +65 6871 8833

EPOS is a powerful, easy to use minimart software that reduces manual tasks, increase sales and improve efficiency. It has features like day-to-day performance reports, Visibility & control of inventory and a cloud based POS system.

Megapos POS

Minimart software

Source :https://www.megapos.com.sg/

Name Megapos POS
Website https://www.megapos.com.sg/
Local office Yes
Grants Yes
Contact  +65 6224 5788

Megapos POS offers the best Touch screen POS for your minimart business. It caters to all the operational activities boosting the efficiency of the business. It comes with features like Barcode printing,Auto email reports,Business reports, Inventory management, Manage multiple outlets, accounting software integration and Customer database management.


Minimart software

Source : http://www.weebo.com.sg/

Name Weebo
Website http://www.weebo.com.sg/
Local office Yes
Grants Yes
Contact  +65 8771 8700

Weebo is a pre-approved PSG vendor that helps minimart businesses to maximise their revenues. It helps to increase sales and reduce costs.It has features like Mobile POS ordering, Real time ordering, Customisable ordering and Inventory management.

 Raven POS

Minimart software

Source : https://www.ravenpos.com/

Name Raven POS
Website https://www.ravenpos.com/
Local office Yes
Grants Yes
Contact  +65 6900 5566

Raven POS is a Pre-approved PSG vendor that is user friendly and helps in the daily point of sale functions, allowing customers to move quickly through busy queues. It comes with features like sales, refunds, exchanges, discounts, promotions, staff commission and many more.


MInimart software

Source : https://unipro.com.sg/

Name Unipro POS
Website https://unipro.com.sg/
Local office Yes
Grants Yes
Contact  +65 6844 3444

Unipro POS solution helps your minimart business to carry out the business with ease and efficiently. It helps the minimart business grow and it has all the features that are required to run the minimart business smoothly.

Edgeworks POS

Minimart software

Source :https://www.edgeworks.com.sg/

Name Edgeworks POS
Website https://www.edgeworks.com.sg/
Local office Yes
Grants Yes
Contact  +65 67504498

Edgeworks POS solutions help to manage business with ease, streamline processes, reduce cost and increase revenue. It comes with features like Inventory management, customer loyalty management, Business insights, equip orders and self checkout Kiosk.


The best POS system combines inventory management, payment processing and customer management all together in one place. This increases efficiency and simultaneously reduces errors and increases revenue to the business. Having the right POS is a boon to the business.

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