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Singapore is a place where businesses flourish. It gives a lot of scope for new businesses to grow due to the simple incorporation procedures and the grants given by the Government. Minimarket is one such business. It is a small convenience store where groceries, snacks, over-the-counter drugs etc are sold. In order to start a minimarket the companies need to register with ACRA and the other requirement is to get approval for the premises and also get the required licenses to run your minimarket.

Need for Minimarket Software

1.It helps in inventory tracking across outlets

Minimarket software helps businesses handle inventory across various outlets. The shop owner can identify the stock that is coming in and going out. The availability of stock is easily ascertained. Stock might be stored in different warehouses, a software provides the solution to maintain records of all the locations and consolidate the stock report to the owner for reference.

2. It increases the overall customer experience

Having a software in itself gives a professional touch to the business. Long waiting hours are minimised and customer databases are easily captured. Discount and reward point reminders are sent to customers. This helps to build a good rapport with the customer and increases the overall customer experience and also increases the customers to the store.

  3. The cloud system helps to access business from anywhere 

Since the software is cloud-based the business owner can access his business from anywhere. The mobile application allows the sales activity to be handled from anywhere. All the employees can access the software from different locations.

  4. Data security is assured

Most of the POS systems are connected to different payment gateways to facilitate payments to the customers. So the credit/debit card information of the customers need to be secured. The minimarket software ensures that all the customer data is stored securely.

   5.  Reporting provides complete analysis on sale/purchase.

It can generate complete and accurate sales reports. Through this feature, you can know the number of products sold, bestselling products, profit margins, and many reports with a single click. The software provides a real time view of the sales and profits of the business.

  6. Speeds up the entire process

The entire process from billing to payments is done fast. All the activities are automated. Inventory management, Customer database management, Sales commissions, Discounts and Loyalty programs, Reminders, Accounting etc. All the activities are automated and it hence increases efficiency.

List of 5 best Minimarket Software in Singapore

  1. Moiboo software
  2. Qashier
  3. Novatech
  4. Hashmicro
  5. Megapos

Choosing the best software for your business is a one time decision and needs a lot of research and planning. Before you choose the right software you need to identify if the selected solution has all the features that you need to automate the Minimarket business. The software should include features like

  • Inventory
  • Products
  • Promotions
  • Multi outlets
  • F&B Special Features
  • CRM
  • Payment
  • Accounting
  • Reporting

Moiboo software has all the above features and is customised specifically for the minimarket business. It has an inbuilt accounting system so you do not need a separate software for accounting. To know more about the solution please login to and refer the demo video. You can also login and chat with the consultants for a free demo.


Minimarket software helps businesses to automate their day-to-day activities and streamline their inventory management. It helps minimarkets to increase their business by speeding up the billing process and keeping the customers satisfied and thereby increasing the business.


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