How to increase the customers using the Car rental booking software

Car rental booking software

Car rental booking software offers enhanced features to run all types of vehicle rental companies. It can manage an unlimited number of vehicles. It has features like fleet utilization, dashboard lookup for the status of the vehicle, payment gateways integration and flexible rate management. Car rental booking is a cloud-based software which can manage multiple locations using a simple internet connection. The clients can visit the website and reserve the vehicle of their choice. It gives the clients an instant view of available rates and instant booking confirmation is also given to the customer.

Advantages of using car rental booking software

1. The customers can easily book the vehicles online and the rental agency can keep a track of the bookings and reservations.

2. Payment gateway integrations help the customer to easily check-in and check out of the customers.

3. Digital agreements can be prepared between the rental agency and the customer. This helps in saving both time and paper.

4. It helps to keep a track of the booking so that the rental agency is made aware if there are any overbookings.

5. Rental agencies should keep their vehicles well maintained to avoid any mishaps to the customers during the rental period. The customer should not face any downtime because of vehicle maintenance.

6. All the necessary information regarding the customer and the vehicle can be maintained in the software. Any information can be retrieved as and when required.

7. The driver’s payments are easily calculated from the logbooks maintained.

8. The GPS facility in the software helps the driver to identify the location of the customer and the customer can also track the vehicle and the driver’s location.

9. The payment to the rental agency may be short term or long term based on the duration of the rental period. The accounting feature in the software helps to record the payments and expenses.

10. The true financial position of the business is easily found out. The cash flow position helps the rental agency to plan future investments.

11. The car rental booking software comes with the mobile App feature which helps the agency to access its business from anywhere. The rental owner can have control of his business from anywhere.

Why Moiboo is the right choice?

Moiboo software is the right choice as it has all the features required by a rental agency in one solution. It can control and manage all the activities of the rental agency. Moiboo software can automate and streamline all the activities of the car rental agency.

Features of the Moiboo software

  • Recurring invoices
  • Invoices
  • Vehicle Management
  • Vendor management
  • Document management
  • Mobile App
  • Accounting
  • Digital agreement
  • Fleet management


Car rental booking software should be user-friendly and easy to use which should be such that even a lame person should be able to use the software. When the customer is satisfied with the services of the rental agency they will refer more customers to the business and thereby increase the traffic to the business.

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How to upgrade your rental business with Car rental booking system

What is the need for a car rental booking system?

How to upgrade your rental business with Car rental booking system

Car rental booking system serves as a tool to upgrade the rental business. It provides a simple step by step booking process with the online payments, e-mails and SMS notifications. The car rental booking system provides fast and friendly support to the customers. Any updates can be sent to the customers using the app. The steps in the app are very convenient and help the customer to easily fix the rental vehicles.

Unlimited locations can be fixed and addresses and contacts can be updated. The customer has the option to select the desired vehicles from the vehicles displayed on the website with pricing to choose from.

The car rentals can be set for a particular period of time and bookings can be allowed to be booked for a certain number of days in advance and this also ensures that nobody else books the same vehicles in the saved period of rental time. The app defines the specific dates that are not available for booking.

The app has multiple payment options which help the customers to make payments online without waiting in long queues.

Which software can help upgrade the rental business?

Moiboo software is a cloud-based software that can help in making bookings. It can help the customers in selecting the vehicles from the ones displayed on the website. The pricing is also displayed on the website which helps the customer make an easy decision on the vehicles to choose.

What are the other features in Moiboo that help in upgrading the business?

Moiboo software apart from having a good booking feature has many other features that can help in the rental business. Rental can be for a short period ranging from a few hours to a day and long term which can be for a specific period. IN the case of a long period an agreement is prepared between the customer and the rental agency. These agreements can be made digitally without the use of paper.

For long term periods, there is a need to send recurring invoices. Moiboo software has the recurring invoices feature which helps in easily sending month on month invoices to the customers. Once the rental period is done and payment is made, invoices need to be raised on the customer. These can be created from the templates in the software or customized based on the requirement of the business.

In the rental business, vehicles need to be maintained to avoid breakdowns and downtime. There should not be any trouble for the customers when they take the vehicle on rent. Or else the reputation of the business will be spoilt.

With the bookings feature comes the vendor management also. Customers data is saved and stored effortlessly. Anytime the customer comes back his data can be retrieved from the vendor database.

In the case of corporate bookings, agreements and other documents need to be stored. This can be done using the software. And documents can be called for whenever needed.

The drivers drive the vehicles, so they need to be paid for their services. This drivers payment can be easily tracked from the number of trips that the driver makes and payment can be made without hassles.

Vehicle management is a difficult task in the rental business. The rental owner needs to know which vehicle has been let out and which one is available for rent. The dashboard in the software displays the arrival and departure of vehicles which makes it easy for the rental owner and the customer.

The Mobile App feature in the software helps the rental owner to track his business from anywhere. The Mobile App feature helps the customer to connect to the website and make their bookings through mobile phones. This feature is very advantageous in upgrading the business.

Every business works towards earning profits. The Accounting feature helps in recording all the payments and receipts and lets the owner know the true financial position of the business. The true cash flow of the business can be found out which can help the owner in planning for his future expenses.


The car rental booking system has the ability to manage all the operations of the rental business and help the rental owner focus more on customer satisfaction.

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How to win your customers with a car rental booking system

People might forget what was bought by them or offered to them but they will never be able to forget the services provided by the rental company. Customer service is the most important area to be targeted in any business. The car rental booking system works towards customer satisfaction which in turn increases the business.

How does customer service help car rental companies to grow?

Providing good customer service is very helpful for a car rental company to grow its business. The advantages of having a good car rental booking system are

Attract New customer.

When a prospective customer searches for your service, the first and foremost thing done by him is get in touch with existing customers to know how the business services are and if it suits his requirements. In this case, good customer satisfaction works in your favour. When an existing customer is satisfied with the services offered he will definitely refer you to new customers.  For eg: if the customer has to wait for long hours to get his details filled he will be irritated and the agency might lose its customers but with a proper car booking system the customer details can be captured fast and the services like invoicing, payments etc will not be delayed as the car rental booking system has all the features integrated in it.

Retain Customers

Holding your old clients is as important as making new clients. It provides you with the ease of business. If a customer will like your services and is completely satisfied with staff behaviour, he/she is more likely to revisit at your company in the future.

Increase in Online Business Reputation

These days everyone looks for online services. When a customer looks for some service he generally goes through all the reviews and feedbacks and only then makes a conclusion. Customer service plays a major role in this. Only if the customer is satisfied will be given positive feedback on the business.

How to improve customer satisfaction

The following are to be kept in mind to deliver customer satisfaction

1.            Never compromise on the quality of service by offering any cheap deals or extras, it spoils the reputation.

2.            Ask for feedback and reviews from the customers by giving them a survey form at the end of the rental transaction. Work on the suggestions given by the customer take it seriously.

3.            Look for any reviews given online and make changes accordingly.

4.            Train your employees to be soft-spoken so that the customer is assured that he is speaking to people who are willing to offer their services happily.

Which software to choose for the rental business

There are much software’s in the market which is available for the rental business but the software to integrate all the features required and also achieve customer satisfaction is the criteria. These criteria are satisfied by the Moiboo Software.

Moiboo software is a car rental booking system which helps in making the operations easy. The first step is the bookings. The software helps the customer make an online booking of the vehicle he desires from the website and block the date when he wants the vehicle. Since it is online the customer is saved the task of visiting the agency for booking. It saves the customers valuable time and he gets to choose his desired vehicle.

The other task is getting customer information updated. The CRM feature helps to maintain all the customer details and if the customer visits again he need not give his details again. It can be recalled from the database.

The tracking facility of the software helps the driver to find the details of the customer and the customer, in turn, can check the location of the vehicle and the driver. The proper communication between the driver and the customer increases customer satisfaction.

The invoices on completion of the services can be generated immediately from the software without wasting time. The customer need not come to the agency to collect his invoice. He can get the invoice from the agency through an Email or SMS or through Whatsapp saving both time and paper.

Moiboo software has the following features in it which serve the purpose of the rental business.

  • Recurring invoices
  • Invoices
  • Vehicle management
  • Vendor management
  • Document management
  • Mobile App
  • Accounting
  • Digital agreement
  • Fleet Management


Winning customers and keeping them happy is the key to a successful business. It is very important to retain existing customers to win new customers. The car rental booking system helps in a great way to achieve customer satisfaction.

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