How to manage and control mechanics using the Workshop Scheduling software

Workshop scheduling software helps with job management, scheduling of appointments, mechanics and inventory management.

How the workshop scheduling software help Workshops?

A workshop is a place where vehicles are repaired or maintained. Unless the workshop provides good service to its customers, they cannot be retained and also they will not refer new customers to the workshop.

The main task in a workshop is to take bookings for the repairs and maintenance. The mechanics need to be assigned vehicles. 

The workflow of a Workshop

As soon as the vehicle enters the workshop the owner prepares a job card with the list of activities to be done on the vehicle. The mechanics are then assigned the vehicles. The mechanics take charge and perform the activities mentioned in the job card and update once they finish.

There are some repair works which might be a huge replacement of a part. In such cases, the owner of the vehicle needs to be consulted and he needs to approve If the replacement needs to be done. The customer can approve over an SMS or email.

All the mechanics are assigned tasks without being overloaded. There might be cases where there might be a need for more than one mechanic for a particular job. The owner will be in a position to identify the mechanics who can be assigned a vehicle based on their job status and their specifications.

Most of the workshops have spare part stores along with the workshops. This helps the mechanics to get the parts for replacement in the workshops itself. They don’t have to go in search of the spare parts.

The documents relating to the vehicle and the customer can be stored in one place. The past history on the vehicle repairs or customer can be retrieved at any time desired.

Once the customer makes payment invoices need to be prepared for the payments as proof of the transaction. These are prepared digitally using the templates in the software to give a professional look to the invoices.

Once the vehicle is repaired, an automatic status update can be sent to the customer on the status of the vehicle and that it is ready to be picked up.

The spare parts are tracked and monitored and the stock is maintained properly so that there is no overbuying and spare parts are available when required.

The receipts and expenses need to be recorded to give a true financial position of the business to the owner.

Moiboo workshop scheduling software

Moiboo is an ideal workshop software that has all the features required for managing and controlling the functions of a workshop. The software helps the customers in booking their appointments from the website without having the need to physically go to the workshop to fix one. The mechanics can be easily assigned their tasks using the job card which also adds as a check to know that the jobs assigned to the mechanics are completed.

Features of the Moiboo software

  1. Job cards
  2. Invoicing
  3. Customer approval
  4. Mechanic Management
  5. Vehicle status alert
  6. Consumable management
  7. Purchase management
  8. Document management
  9. Mobile App
  10. Accounting


Workshop scheduling software automates the booking process and helps to maintain the mechanics effectively. The software serves as a profit engine for the business.

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