Singapore is home to a vibrant startup ecosystem, with a wide range of innovative companies across various sectors. Here in this blog we will tell you about the list of 10 Startups in Singapore.

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Challenges Faced by Startups:
  3. Tech-Empowered Startups Vs Non-Tech-Empowered Startups:
  4. Famous Startups in the World:
  5. List of Top 10 Startups in Singapore
  • Thessa therapeutics
  • Lazada
  • Carousell
  • Codapay
  • Cargobase
  • CtrlShift
  • AirTrunk
  • TripVillas
  • ReferralCandy
  • 8villages

    6. Conclusion:

1. Introduction:

For some, to become an entrepreneur might be a dream. But for few others, it is a passion. There are a handful of reasons which can convince anyone to become a businessman. It might be working hours flexibility, networking with people, creating jobs for others, gaining profits, tax benefits and so on. But there is one soul reason that can be higher than a kite – Working for yourself. You can enjoy each and every moment of business by making your own decisions whether it may end up in good or not.

2. Challenges Faced by Startups:

There is NO business in the world that exists without challenges. Especially startup enterprises need to undergo difficulties like financial management, team building, moving the business as per the market trend etc. Though these are some of the anticipated challenges, unexpected troubles will also knock the door quite often in business. For instance, after recruitment, the employees may under-perform which will put you under trap. Or there may be problems with investors or shareholders. Whatever may be the challenges, stay positive while approaching it.

3. Tech Empowered Startups Vs Non-Tech Empowered Startups:

S.NO Business Running Without Technology Business Empowered with Technology
1. Hard to communicate with a huge number of target audiences. Possible to interact with global customers effortlessly. For example, via website, blog – You can seamlessly convey your products/services.
2. Huge investment of time & money to make profits. Saves your time & helps to invest more for expanding the enterprise. If you are looking for overseas business then digitalization is one best possible way to achieve it.
3. Lot of complications while handling the business – especially for startups. For example, billing and accounting becomes a daunting task without the use of technology. Simplifies the trading process and helps the business men in a smarter way. Reliable software will support the businesses to the next level.


Thus, smart business will utilise the power of technology for growing their startup companies. And so, choose the clever way of handling the business via relevant software and technology. Software offered by are reliable, competitive and yet affordable. Moiboo software widely spread in Singapore, you can consider this as a first-stop for reducing the accounting and billing work.

4. Famous Startups in the World:

Snackpass: This is an e-commerce startup which enables the customers to order food from restaurants in a hassle-free way.


Haven: Being a Singapore-based logistics company, Haven is performing well from its launch since March 2015. Via Haven, the clients can perform efficient trading.


Meatable: As the name says, Meatable is one of the profound startups under the food & beverages industry. Involved in meat production, Meatable offers healthy & tasty meat to its customers.


LuggageHero: Growing popularly in many major countries including North America and Europe, LuggageHero helps people to store their luggage in a secured way.

This is also another Singapore based software startup which is in trend. Many business enterprises use TradeGecko to perform their business operations in a seamless way.


5. List of 10 Startups in Singapore:

List of top 10 Startups Who Made It Big In Singapore

Biotechnology Industry:

1. Thessa therapeutics: This is a biotechnology company, in its clinical-stage of development. The Thessa therapeutics is trying to build its portfolio for treating cancer patients. This biotech company is taking immense steps to bring positive changes for cancer patients. Thessa Therapeutics has its headquarters in Singapore and operates globally to serve cancer patients.

The emerging company uses CD30 technology, CAR-T Cell Therapy, Allogeneic Cell Therapy and many unique technologies for bringing betterment in cancer treatments.



2. Lazada: It is one of the best ecommerce niches in Southeast Asia. Within a very short duration, Lazada has improved its business in many countries – Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and in Thailand. Do you wonder how this is possible? The Lazada uses high-end technology to get connected and be in touch with customers in various countries.

LazMall, in Lazada platform, is the trending mall (Virtually) that can connect the shopping lovers with the best brands.


3. Carousell: This is C2C (consumer-to-consumer) startup hub which holds multiple product categories. The businesses like car cleaning services, house cleaning services, rental services or any other services are connected to Carousell. And thus, by visiting this marketplace, you can utilize any of it for low cost.

Carousell is operating in more than one country – Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and in Australia.



4. Codapay: The ultimate aim of Codapay is to make digital entertainment reachable. Even without the debit or credit cards, customers can pay via Codapay. Within a limited timeframe, this company was listed in 22nd place – recognized as “Fastest Growing Company”.

Now, from Singapore, the Codapay has extended its office overseas.



5. Cargobase: With a base of easy-to-utilize platforms. Cargobase simplifies the tasks of logistics services for providers and shippers. The backbone of the company is utilization of technology which makes it run fast among competition.

The company also made a tie-up with Fortune 500 companies to serve better in this business. Reduces the shippers’ complexity to the core.



6. CtrlShift: Launched in 2015, this advertising company has its headquarter in Singapore. Same year, the Ctrlshift was also listed in “Top 50 Thriving Startups in Southeast Asia” by Founder’s Grid. The company has offices in 4 major countries of Southeast Asia – Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand. The Hub was the company’s software used for advertising. And it was established in 2017.

Via the company’s software, CtrlShift diversifies the business on SaaS.



 7. AirTrunk: Irrespective of any industry, the business data must be protected. Am I right? And AirTrunk assists by providing secured data centre solutions for its customers. AirTrunk is reliable, fast and also cost effective. After longer time investment for R&D, the company came-up with ground breaking technology.



8. TripVillas: This enterprise has kept its foothold in many sectors including holiday rentals, capability development, community management and also in exchange solutions. With the assistance of TripVillas, one can enjoy the trip by staying in comfortable and well-maintained villas. The capability development team of Tripvillas are greatly involved in offering the training software for entrepreneurs.

Similarly, the community management team of TripVillas is highly dedicated in offering a holiday environment that gives peace of mind during vacation.



9. ReferralCandy: Are you running a business and want a solid partner who can help to grow your trade? Then ReferralCandy is there for you. The company is involved in running a campaign (as sort of marketing) through which your business can get many referrals – in-turn sales. The marketing campaign will be genuine (Surely not an humbug for any cost). And the company takes pride in running a referral marketing campaign for nearly 30,000 + businesses.



10. 8villages: Imagine what would happen if cloud technology shakes hands with farmers’ activities? And that is 8villages. With just 8 years of launch, the company has got tremendous support and growth from customers. The ideology behind 8villages is modern, unique which brings technology to rural areas too. The farmers can share the agricultural information and can also ask queries regarding the same. Certainly, 8villages is launched intended for community development.


Note: For confirmation of exact datas please refer to the companies respective websites.

6. Conclusion:

The ultimate goal of this list of top startup companies in Singapore – is to encourage the newbie entrepreneurs in the country. They must be encouraged not only for their benefits but also to improve the economy of the country. As a bottom-line, Startup companies have the ability to create job opportunities, build cutting-edge technology, bring in the healthy competitive spirit in the industry and make the society look in different perspectives. For all these reasons, surely the startups must be motivated.

For startups – Challenges are not uncommon in business. Thus, be prepared to face it. If you get demotivated for no reason then achieving the heights in business is hardly possible.

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