Top 5 car rental software in Singapore

Singapore is a very expensive place to own a car because of the high rates of taxation on the purchase of cars. Singapore is a place which can be internally reached through public transports. Car rentals are mostly opted by travellers, people who do not own their own cars, people who have given their cars on repair etc.


1.What are the different types of rentals?

2.What is a rental software?

3.Why is a rental software needed?

4.What are the Top 5 car rental software in Singapore?

Car rentals can be short term or long term. Short term rentals are usually opted by foreign travellers and business people who visit places for work. Long term rentals are often chosen by corporates. These can be recurring. The income from the rentals also differs based on the terms of the rentals. Rental software is  a software that helps to automate all the activities of the

rental business. Rental business requires appointments to be scheduled, fleet to be managed, agreements to be prepared etc, all these activities can be automated with a rental software. Also having a systematic process provides a professional image to the business.

Why do you need a rental software?

1.Managing bookings.- Rental business involves bookings. The software should be able to manage the bookings that come. That is the software should be in a position to identify what vehicle is required for the rentals and if the vehicle is available on the required date and time.

2.Recurring invoices – In the case of corporate rentals, it so happens that the same company might keep booking the vehicle again and again and for a long period. Recurring invoices can be sent to the customer which saves both time and paper.

3. Automatic reminders – The software should automatically send reminders when the vehicle is due to be returned and also on the payments that are due to be received.

4.Fleet management –  The most difficult task in a rental business is managing the fleet. The rental owner needs to keep a track of the vehicles that are going out on rent and those which are yet to come in. This can be done automatically if the software is in place. This ensures that there is no overbooking

5.Driver management – Rental business involves drivers. Drivers payments/commissions can be easily calculated based on their travel undertaken. This can be done if a software handles this meticulously.

6. Accounting – All the receipts and expenses need to be properly maintained. This can be done with software. It helps to show the true cash position of the business and helps the rental owner to make important decisions like any future investments or expenditures to be undertaken on the business.

Top 5 car rental softwares in Singapore

1.Moiboo software

NameMoiboo software  
GrantsPSG grants  
Contact+65 98951817


Booking on whatsapp

Recurring invoices


Rental agreements

Fleet management One motoring integration

2.HQ rental software

NameHQ Car rental software  
Local CompanyNo  
Price$175 a month with additional setting up charges


Managing bookings

Fleet management

Customer management



Local CompanyNo  
PriceNot provided
Contact+1 888 628 6827  


ONline reservation

GPS tracking

MObile App

API integration

Payment processing

4.Rent works

Local CompanyNo  



Calendar management

Fleet management



Customer database.


Local CompanyYes  
Contact  +6591118181


Cost tracking

Employee management

Fleet management

Inventory management

Parts management


Motor Pool


Car rental software helps to manage car rental business successfully. The software helps in rental tracking, fines management, billing and invoicing, inventory management, drivers management etc. It also add a professional image to the business and gives a satisfactory experience to the customers who visit your shop and ultimately increases business.

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