Top 5 Fleet management software in Singapore

A number of vehicles operating under a single ownership is called fleet.For eg: A number of taxis operating under a single owner is a fleet.

Fleet management refers to optimising and managing the commercial motor vehicles for work purposes. The purpose of fleet management is to ensure that the overall performance of the fleets are well maintained and the productivity is increased. It should help in running the business smoothly.

Advantages of using a Fleet Management software

1.Driver Safety

Fleet management software has an internal tracking system whereby it ensures the safety of the drivers. It has a tracking device which makes sure that the drivers do not overspeed and cause accidents.

2.Lower Fuel consumption

Fuel tracking data reports can help in analysing the consumption of fuel and help in making the tracking and budgeting of fuel costs easy.

3.Real-time updates and insights

The GPS tracker helps the fleet managers to know where the vehicles are and if the drivers have completed their trips and also helps to assign new trips to them once one trip is completed. This increases customer satisfaction and also valuable time is saved.

4. Increases efficiency

The reporting feature of the software provides valuable information which can be used to make important decisions, Efficiency is increased.

5.Improved vehicle maintenance

The software can automatically detect when the vehicle needs a service and prompt for an early service rather than wait for the fleet manager to check. This can help in early detection of problems and the vehicles are also properly maintained.

6.Improved customer satisfaction

Since the customer can easily make his bookings, receive notifications, get well maintained vehicles, the customer is happy and is satisfied with the service and keeps coming back to take more service.

7.Improved route planning

With the fleet management software the fleet manager can plan his routes, vehicles and drivers accordingly without any confusion.

Top 5 Fleet management software in Singapore

Moiboo software

NameMoiboo software
Local officeYes
Contact+65 98951817


  • Fleet management
  • Rental agreements
  • One motoring integration
  • Automatic reminders
  • Recurring invoices
  • Booking on whatsapp
  • Paperless invoicing
  • Bookings
  • Maintenance alerts

2Fleetio software

NameFleetio software
Local officeNo
Contact1 (800) 975-5304 85
Price$7 per vehicle


  • Work Orders
  • Parts Management
  • Fleetio Parts Mobile App
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Purchase Orders
  • Webhooks
  • Custom Password Requirements

3.Avrios software

NameAvrios software
Local officeNo
PriceNeed to request


  1. 1.Centralized fleet data and processes to avoid mistakes and save time
  2. 2.Task management to never miss a task or due date again
  3. 3.Limited advanced functionalities to view and try Avrios Pro


NameFleetable software
Local officeNo
Contact226 343 2825
PriceNeed to request


  • Inventory Management
  • Work order management
  • Employee Management
  • Dispatch Management
  • Fuel Management
  • Mileage Tracking
  • Routing
  • Tire Management
  • Incident Reporting
  • Maintenance Management
  • GPS tracking

5. Fleetnetics

NameFleetable software
Local officeYes
Contact+659111 8181


  • Delivery order
  • Check in /Check out
  • Hire purchase
  • Advanced Booking
  • Non revenue trip
  • Vehicle transfer
  • Reports
  • Campaign discount
  • Sales order
  • Bookings
  • Promotions


Fleet management software helps in acccomplishing a set of specific tasks in the management relating to a fleet of vehicles operated by a company.  With a proper software in place, efficiency is increased, productivity is achieved and revenue is automatically optimised.

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