Top 5 online automotive workshop software in the USA

Top 5 online automotive workshop software in the USA

Need for Automotive workshop software

Automotive workshop software is required to improve customer experience, simplify the manual tasks and save a lot of time and money.

Can the automotive workshop software increase revenue?

Automotive workshop software is a one-stop solution for all the workshop needs. All the admin related activities can be automated and streamlined so the workshop owner does not have to spend time on manual tasks, instead, he can divert his time more on repair work and increase the revenue. A satisfied customer helps in bringing more referrals to the workshop and increasing the revenue. The existing customers are also retained.

Benefits of the automotive workshop software

An automotive workshop software helps in reducing unnecessary paperwork by moving towards digitalization. The IT costs are reduced and inventory management is done efficiently.

Features of the automotive workshop software

  • Job cards
  • Invoicing
  • Customer approval
  • Vehicle management
  • Mechanic Management
  • Vehicle status alert
  • Consumables management
  • Purchase management
  • Document management
  • Mobile App
  • Accounting

Top 5 Online automotive workshop software in the USA

Workshop software

It is easy to use simple auto repair software that manages jobs, sends invoices, quotes and bookings.


  • Billing & Invoicing
  • CRM
  • Inventory Management
  • Labor Rates
  • Maintenance Scheduling
  • Quotes/Estimates
  • Service History Tracking
  • VIN Lookup
  • Work Order Management

It is a SAAS product and training and support are available online. The price of the software starts from $29 per month


Autotrox is a web-based garage management software that manages job cards, spare parts, Invoicing from anywhere.


  • Insurance & Billing
  • Quick Services
  • Collision Repair
  • Assign Technicians
  • Capture Vehicle Pictures
  • Implementation FREE (Online)
  • Training FREE (Online)
  • Web Anywhere
  • Tally Integration
  • Inventory
  • Job Card Management
  • GST Billing
  • Daily Report to Workshop Owner
  • Customer Notifications & Reminders
  • Support
  • Update
  • Mobile Application
  • Labour pricing catalogue


Mitchell 1 is a user-friendly automotive management software that helps in managing the activities of the workshop. It is used by both large and small-sized workshops to maintain their workflow


  • It is designed for small, medium and large auto workshops.
  • The software is effective when it comes to cost savings.
  • The software enables you to boost your team’s skills.
  • It saves both time and valuable money.
  • The price of the software is $19.95 per month

Work order software

Work order software helps in providing quality management services in the workshop. The main feature of this software is that it provides ample space for saving the documents relating to the vehicles. The documents can be easily retrieved whenever necessary.


  • It is simple management software.
  • It is easily downloadable.
  • It works equally well for large and small auto shops.
  • It is packed with user-friendly tools.


The training and support is done online and the price of the software starts from $34.95 per month

Moiboo software

Moiboo automotive workshop software is a software that is customised specifically for the workshop business. It has all the features that are needed to run the workshop smoothly.


The mechanics are assigned job cards which helps the owner to analyse the work done by the mechanics and also it serves as a checklist that the mechanic has performed all the tasks.

  • Invoices can be raised from the templates in the software or customised based on the requirement.
  • Customer approvals can be easily obtained for specific tasks.
  • Inventory management can be easily done for the spare parts.
  • Document management can be done easily.
  • Accounting of receipts and payments can be done easily
  • Mobile app feature helps to access the business from anywhere.


Automotive workshop software helps in managing the workshops efficiently and professionally, A well-managed workshop helps in attracting more customers to the workshop and also maintain existing customers. Hope the above details for top 5 online automotive workshop software in the USA

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