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Chapter 10 | Cash Management

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand how Petty Cash can be managed using Moiboo.
  2. Every business earmarks some cash for daily office expenses done in cash. The cashier is usually made responsible for this fund and day-to-day expenses are met out of this Imprest. This fund is refilled everyday or week once it is used. Let me show you how petty cash is accounted for.

  3. Learn How to account for expenses spent by Boss
  4. Many times, The boss uses his personal credit card or cash to buy stuffs for the business. It gets settled to the boss and also needs to be recorded as a Business Expense. Now let me show you how such expenses are accounted for in Moiboo Software

  5. Learn How to account for advances given for expenses
  6. When you give Advance Imprest to Staffs for incurring some Cash expenses, it need to be accounted for. The cash holder might come back and provide bills for the same and return excess cash. This needs to be accounted too.


  • Make a payment of Rs.5000/- for travelling from petty cash account.
  • Pass a journal entry to manage an exponse made by business owner of Rs.1000/-.


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