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Chapter 5 | Income

Learning Objectives:


Invoice is issued by a seller to the buyer quantifying the terms of purchase and becomes a legal document for the tax authorities. This section will teach you how to raise Invoices on your customer using Moiboo Software.


A receipt voucher is given when you receive money from a person. The money can be recieved as Cash, Cheque or as Bank Transfer. This voucher is the proof that payment has been received. Every receipt has to be recorded in the Accounting Software and has to be set-off against outstanding Invoices. This section is aimed at teaching how receipts can be recorded.

Sales Returns

Credit notes are issued to record Sales Returns or to provide discounts which was not declared at the time of making an Invoice. This section will teach you how to record credit notes using Moiboo software.


  • Create an invoice
  • Print an invoice
  • E-mail an invoice
  • Add receipt to an invoice
  • Add a direct cash receipt
  • Add a advance receipt
  • Record a sales return (CR note)
  • Adjust an invoice against a Cr. note


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