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Chapter 9 | Salary

Learning Objectives:

Staff Salary Advances

Advance are given to staff as a Loan or towards expenses to be made on the companies behalf. These advances are adjusted against salaries or on producing payment vouchers. This section will teach you how these transactions are entered into Moiboo.

Salary And Wages

Every month the Salaries and Payments have to be recorded in Moiboo. These have to be either journalised or entered as a payment voucher. This section will show you how Salaries can be recorded in Moiboo


Employee benefits like Provident funds and Insurance dues have to be journalised and recorded in the software to make sure the financial statements show a true and fair view. This section teaches you how this can be recorded.

Payments Made To Owner/Partner/ Directors

Drawings or expenses made by owners have to be recorded appropriately in Moiboo. This section shows you how these payments can be recorded into Moiboo.


  • Record a salary payment
  • Record a journal entry for PF dues
  • Record a payment to


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