Comparison of Top 5 Car rental management software

Need for Car rental management software

The management of car rental company requires skills, experience and a good understanding of the business. This is where the need for car rental management software arises. A good car rental software will help the car rental agency to manage its vehicles, manage the customers, online reservations etc.

Comparison of Top 5 Car rental management software

A good online car rental management software should have the following features;

  1. A good online booking system
  2. Fleet management feature
  3. Document management
  4. Fleet dashboard

Advantages of using a car rental management software

  1. Customers can make their bookings online, they can select the vehicle from the website and block the dates when the car is required
  2. The rental agency can identify the fleet that is available for rent and those which have already been let out from the fleet dashboard.
  3. The GPS facility helps the customer to know the whereabouts of the vehicle and the driver and the driver, in turn, can find the location of the customer
  4. Invoicing and Billing can be automated with the invoicing feature. This adds to the professional look of the invoices.
  5. The SMS reminder facility helps to remind on the pending payments.
  6. The reporting feature helps the management make important decisions for the business.
PRICE (SGD) 1800 – 5400   2300   2136
AMC (SGD) 20%   100%   100%
PRICE FOR UPGRADES FREE   chargeable chargeable chargeable
TECHNOLOGY CLOUD Cloud Cloud Cloud Cloud
TRAINING AT DOORSTEP Online Online Online At Doorstep
SUPPORT AT DOORSTEP Online No Online At Doorstep
ACCESSIBILITY ANY DEVICE Any device Any device Any device Any Device
Customer Relationship Management YES YEs Yes Yes No
Service Engineer Management YES No Yes No No
Inventory Tracking YES No yes No yes
SMS Plugin YES Yes yes No No
Sales Team Management YES No No No No
POS Billing YES No yes No No
Claims Management NO yes Yes No No
Bank Sync NO yes yes Yes No
Payroll NO Yes No Yes No
Mobile App YES No   No Yes
Job Sheet Management YES No No No No
Loyalty Management YES Yes yes No No
Barcoding YES Yes yes No No
Warehouse Management YES Yes Yes No No
Purchase Management YES yes yes Yes No
Document Management YES No No No No
Accounting YES No Yes No No
Digital Agreements YES No No No No
Consignment Sales YES No No yes No
Profit per Car YES No No yes No
Vehicle Management YES No Yes Yes Yes
Comission Calculation YES No YEs No No
Vendor Management YES No No No No
Consumable Management YES No No Yes No
Customer Approval YES No No No No
Vehicle Status Alert YES No No YEs Yes
Floor Credit Management YES No No No No
Bookings YES No No No Yes
WhatsappIntergration YES No No No No


The rental agency has much software to choose from but the software has to be customized for the rental business. All the features required by the rental company should be available on one platform.

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The success of a rental business with car rental management software

The success of a rental business with car rental management software

Car rental management software provides the rental business with tools that help with the operations of the business.

What functions should the car rental management have?

  •              Inventory Management of Vehicles
  •              Vehicle maintenance at regular intervals
  •              Licensing, registration, MOT and tax
  •              Vehicle insurance including due dates and restrictions
  •              Cost management and analysis
  •              Vehicle disposal
  •              Driver license management, including special provisions
  •              Booking system for pool vehicles
  •              Accidents and fines, plus apportioning costs to drivers
  •              Telemetric
  •              Route planning
  •              Logbooks and work time
  •              Alerts

Advantages of using car rental management software

  • Control over drivers and vehicles
  • Less time spent on tracking the vehicles
  • Prevent delivery delays
  • Excellent reporting facility
  • Prevent unauthorized use of vehicles
  • Good customer support
  • Lessens the maintenance costs
  • Tracks vehicle maintenance
  • Payment due dates and follow-ups

Benefits of a car rental management software

Time management

Saves time on administering the drivers and mechanics. With the GPS tracking facility, the customer can identify where the vehicle is and the driver can locate the customers. All data related to maintenance, fuel and transport are monitored. All the manual tasks are automated hence it eventually saves time.

Vehicle management

Rental vehicles need to be maintained well to avoid downtime or breakdowns. The software has reminders which can be set for the maintenance dates and the rental owner is reminded when the dates are due.

Customer satisfaction

Since there are well-maintained vehicles and most of the manual tasks are automated the customer is satisfied that he does not have to wait long hours for service. A happy customer would always like to visit again and also refer new customers to the rental company.

Which software to Choose?

There is much software for rental business but there should be a software which not only maintains fleets but integrates with other operations like document management, Vehicle management, Billing and invoicing, Customer management and Accounting. Moiboo software has all the features in one platform. It is a software which is customized for your rental business.

Features of Moiboo software

  • Recurring invoices
  • Invoicing
  • Vehicle management
  • Document management
  • Vendor Management
  • Mobile App
  • Accounting
  • Digital agreement
  • Fleet Management


Car Rental Software is an answer to all the challenges faced by the rental agencies. From the day to day operations to fleet management tracking the platform provides very many capabilities.

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