Why do you need an Automobile workshop software to run the workshop successfully?

What is the workshop?

Automobile workshop is a place where vehicles are repaired or serviced. The workshop can have a spare part shop associated with it. If a certain part is to be replaced the mechanic need not run around, he can get the spare parts from the spare part store and thus save time.

Automobile Workshop Software

Why do you need an automobile workshop software?

Automobile workshop software is needed to systematize the working of the workshop. Software is needed for the following reason

  1. Organise your repair shop
  2. Save time and money
  3. Simplify the manual tasks
  4. Help in inventory management
  5. Invoicing and Accounting
  6. Create better communication with customers
  7. Track the shop’s performance

What features should an Automobile Workshop software have?

Job card management

A job card is a detailed description of the work that is to be performed on the vehicle. When the job card is created it means you are specifically planning and scheduling the information that can be used during the repair task. Automobile workshop software creates job cards that can detail the work required on a specific vehicle including maintenance, customer concerns, and recall past history.

Billing and Invoicing

After every repair or service, an invoice needs to be raised. This invoice can be created from the templates in the software. These are created based on the requirement of the automobile business but if the owner desires he can create customised templates as he wishes. These invoices can be sent to the customer through SMS/Emails. They do not have to be printed and hardcopy need not be given. This saves both time and paper. Automobile Workshop software has an accounting feature which helps to record all the cash payments and expenses.

Vehicle history

The software should maintain details like purchase date, a number of services conducted, parts changed. This will help to keep a record which can be very useful while making insurance claims.

Stock reports

With the inventory management feature in the software, the owner can keep a track of his spare parts effectively. Stock reports can be generated from the software.

CRM software

Happy and satisfied customers lead to better business and also help in expanding the business. The CRM feature helps in maintaining customer data from the time they book the appointment with the workshop till they take their vehicle back after paying and generation of invoice.

Mechanic Management

The workshop owner needs to know how efficiently his resources are utilised. Sometimes it so becomes that the owner needs to assign more than one mechanic for a vehicle. The mechanic management helps to see if the work has been assigned properly and if work has been completed as per the job card specification.

Document management

The software can help in storing all the important documents relevant to the vehicle which otherwise would have been stored in papers and manually. This feature helps in saving time and labour and the chances of missing paper are reduced.


The software helps to record all the receipts and payments and give the cash flow of the business. It shows the true financial position of the business.

What software to choose?

There is software in the market which can be used by workshops. Moiboo software is one automobile workshop software that is designed specifically for the workshop business. It has all the features required for running the workshop smoothly.

Features of Moiboo software

  • Job cards
  • Invoicing
  • Customer approval
  • Vehicle management
  • Mechanic Management
  • Vehicle status alert
  • Consumables management
  • Purchase management
  • Document management
  • Mobile App
  • Accounting

Why choose Moiboo

Moiboo software is cloud-based hence the charges for heavy installation hardware are avoided. Moiboo software is specifically customised for the automobile workshops. The training and installation process is done at your doorstep.


Moiboo software helps in managing the automobile workshop from customer update to invoice creation and payment tracking. It is a cloud-based affordable software that manages the day to day activities of the workshop making it capable of optimising efficiency.

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What You Know About Workshop Software And What You Don’t Know About Workshop Software

What do you know about Workshop software

Workshop software is an online management software that manages and controls the workshop effectively. The main features that a workshop software should have been

What You Know About Workshop Software And What You Don't Know About Workshop Software

1.Job cards

Job card management is an important feature of the workshop. Once the vehicle reaches the workshop for servicing or repair, the job card is filled which enables the mechanic to know what repairs are to be done on the vehicle. It also serves as a check on the mechanics to see if all the tasks are fulfilled.


After the completion of the repair and service work, an invoice is raised for the customer towards the payment done. The invoices can be prepared from the customised templates given in the software. The company logo can also be added to give a more professional look. The invoice template can also be designed based on the requirement of the owner. These invoices can be sent to the customer through Whatsapp/SMS rather than taking a print out and handing over. This saves both time and paper.

3.Customer approval

Certain repair work requires approval from the customer to proceed further. These approvals can be obtained from the customer through SMS/Whatsapp without disturbing the customer by making calls. He is also given the estimate of the repair or replacement work which helps him make the decision.

4.Mechanic Management

The job card feature helps to keep a check on the mechanics. The mechanics are assigned vehicles based on the appointments. Sometimes it may be required that two or more mechanics are needed to repair a particular vehicle. The mechanics can be assigned tasks only if the owner knows which mechanic is available and who has been assigned vehicles already.

5.Consumable Management

Almost all the workshops have a spare part store to facilitate easy availability of the spare parts. The inventory management is done effectively with the software.

6.Purchase management

Inventory is managed with the software, so the owner is aware of which parts have been sold and which are in stock. The owner can make a decision as to what purchase is to be made to replace the sold out parts.

7.Vehicle status alert

Once the vehicle is ready after the repair work, the customer is informed on the status of the vehicle. The customer can either request for delivery of the vehicle or collect the vehicle himself after the repair.

8.Document management

The information of the customer, past repair records, pictures of the vehicle, insurance copies etc is all the documents that are maintained in the software. Since it is cloud-based, all the information is stored in the cloud. When a customer revisits the workshop owner can refer the database and pull out records of previous repairs and any specific changes to the vehicle. Any data can be called back whenever required.

9.Mobile App

The most advantageous feature of the workshop software is the mobile App which allows the owner to access his business from anywhere. The mechanics, staff and the owner can access the software at the same time.


A definitive point of any business is making profits. The receipts and payments are recorded using the accounting feature which helps the owner understand the true financial standing of his business.

What you don’t know about workshop software

The future of workshop software sees a lot more futuristic features added to the software.

The workshop software will have additional features whereby the software will check the health of the vehicle and inform the customer if any part is going to wear out and if it needs to be replaced. This proactive feature will avoid downtime and breakdowns of generally the commercial vehicles.

The next generation workshop software can help guide the mechanic at every step. Once the vehicle reaches the workshop, a picture of the worn-out part is taken. The software can immediately help the mechanic with the method of repair, the spare part to be replaced and the tools that the mechanic is supposed to use for the repair work.

The electronic job card is another splendid feature. As soon as the vehicle is brought for repair, a job card is filled. It accompanies the vehicle everywhere until its repair is complete. The job card can be ticked after every task is complete. The mechanic can use this job card to explain to the customer in detail as to what repair has been carried out on his vehicle. The owner can also ensure that all the tasks specified for the repair have been performed by the mechanics. The customer also gains confidence in the mechanic, that no unnecessary repair work was performed by the mechanics.


Workshop software can prove very advantageous to the workshop business. The business can be improved and profits can be increased. The owner focusses more on customer satisfaction as the operational activities are carried out by the software. Since the customer is satisfied he revisits the workshops and also refers his friends to the workshop thereby increasing the revenue.

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