Top 5 cars Owned by Celebrities in Singapore

Ever wondered what kind of money the celebrities earn  from being actors, or tv hosts or social celebrities or models.The only way to gauge this, is from the cars they drive, or the vacations they take or the houses they live in.In this blog we are going to talk about the Top 5 cars owned by the Top 5 celebrities in Singapore

The Top 5 Celebrities on our discussion are’

1.Zheng Ge Ping

2.Chen Han Wei

3.Jamie Yeo

4.Edmund Chen 5.Jeanette Aw

1. Zheng Ge Ping

Zheng Ge Ping is a famous Singaporean Actor and Executive Producer. He owns a Citroen C4 Grand Picasso.

Top 5 cars Owned by Celebrities in Singapore - Zheng Ge Ping

2. Chan Han Wei

 Chan Han Wei is one of the respected actors in Singapore. He switched to a BMW 1 Series vehicle from a BMW Z4.

Chan Han Wei

3. Jamie Yeo

Jamie Yeo is a TV host, anchor, model, radio DJ and actress. She is the owner of an AudiS5  and a Landrover.

Jamie Yeo

4. Edmund Chen

Edmund chen is one of the most prominent and popular Singaporean Actor. He drives a Honda airwave

Edmund Chen

5. Jeanette Aw

Jeanette Aw is a filmmaker, Author and an actress. The actress drives a Mazda2.

Jeanette Aw


Some celebrities flaunt their lifestyles in lavish cars and vacations but some maintain a low profile life. There is a saying “A true luxury is a reward for investing in and developing a real asset.

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Houses of Top 5 Celebrities in Singapore

Ever wondered where the celebrities live? Do they live in palaces or big mansions? This is a question that we keep asking every time we see a  celebrity Here is a write up with the top 5 celebrities in Singapore and the places where they live.

The Top 5 Singaporean Celebrities in our discussion are Jeanette Aw, Jade Seah, Mark Lee, Pierre Png and Andrea Chong.

Jeanette Aw

Jeanette Aw, well known as Ou Xuan born on June 28th, 1979 in Singapore is an actress, filmmaker and author. Jeanette Aw’s house is a 5 room condominium apartment with white interiors and is one of the most stylish homes owned by celebrities.

Jeanette Aw

Jade Seah

Jade Seah was born on 6th April, 1983, she is a Singaporean model , host and actress. Jade lives with her fiance in a vintage penthouse at Tanjong Katong which was initially a one shop house with a high ceiling transformed into a two storey house which makes it look more spacious. “ kudos to the creativity”.

Jade Seah

Mark Lee

Mark lee was born on October 16th 1968 in Singapore and holds the position among the list of most popular and richest  Comedians. Mark Lee has a spacious 5 room condominium at Upper thomson road for 2680 sq.ft where he stays with his family. He believes his apartment is a great value for money. He spent $2.2million for this five room apartment.

Mark Lee

Pierre Png

Pierre Png was born on 29th October 1973 and is a famous Singapore Comedian actor. Pierre Png and his wife are savvy property investors.Pierre’s new terrace has gymnastics rings and his bedroom is one of the most romantic kinds where he has a customised headboard with curtains to change the mood of the room with just the fabric.

Pierre Png

Andrea Chong

Andrea Chong also known as Drea Chong born on 25th March 1992, is a Singaporean blogger and influencer. Owing to her social media status, she is selected as the ambassador of H&M and Pandora. Andrea has a well equipped mini house with all the facilities and the favourite spot in her house which she calls the “ collectors desk” which is a collection of all the travel souvenirs.

Andrea Chong


Be it a celebrity or a common man, there is a very famous saying ““Home is where love resides, memories are created, friends always belong, and laughter never ends”.

Top 10 Expensive Office complex in Singapore

Singapore is a small nation with a huge impact on the financial system of the world. It has the most mature capital markets and is the fifth largest international financial centre in the world. Singapore is the easiest to get around with the taxis, buses and efficient MRT.


Why do you need an office?

Advantages of having an office in Singapore?

Top 10 Expensive Office Complex in Singapore

Top 10 Expensive Office Complex in Singapore

Having a common workplace first of all provides a professional image to the business, a common workplace gives the employees a place to share their creativity and innovate, it also helps them maintain a border between work and life (i.e.) there is proper work life balance. Employees get inspired by one another which happens very less in the case of remotely working employee

Advantages of having an office in Singapore?

  • Singapore is a well-developed free market economy based on trade, finance and manufacturing. It has a robust economy.
  • The tax systems are very attractive
  • A Singapore tax resident company does not suffer from double taxation
  • Singapore allows 100 percent Foreign ownership
  • Ease of incorporation and operation
  • Support for start-ups in the form of Grants

1. Fraser Towers

NameFraser Towers
Location182 Cecil Street, 069547, Singapore
WorkspacesPrivate workspace, Business Concierge, Virtual office, Meeting & Conference, Co-working
Contact+65 6956 9000  

2. Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower

NameMarina Bay Financial Centre Tower
LocationLevel 11, Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 1, 8 Marina Blvd, 018981
WorkspacesPrivate workspace, Business Concierge, Virtual office, Meeting & Conference, Co-working
Contact+65 6653 4688

3. Ocean Financial Centre

NameOcean Financial Centre
LocationLevel 37 & 40, Ocean Financial Centre, 10 Collyer Quay, 049315, Singapore
WorkspacesPrivate workspace, Business Concierge, Virtual office, Meeting & Conference, Co-working
Contact+65 6808 6288

4. One Raffle Quay

NameOne Raffles Quay
LocationLevel 25, One Raffles Quay North Tower, 048583, Singapore
WorkspacesPrivate workspace, Business Concierge, Virtual office, Meeting & Conference, Co-working
Contact+65 6622 5888

5. Six Battery Road

NameSix Battery Road
LocationLevel 42, Six Battery Road, 6 Battery Road, 049909, Singapore
WorkspacesPrivate workspace, Business Concierge, Virtual office, Meeting & Conference, Co-working
Contact+65 6232 2777

6. The Gateway West

NameThe Gateway West
LocationLevel 35, The Gateway West, 150 Beach Road, 189720, Singapore
WorkspacesPrivate workspace, Business Concierge, Virtual office, Meeting & Conference, Co-working
Contact+65 6727 6888

7. German Centre

NameGerman Centre
Location109 North Bridge Road, Singapore 179097
Workspaces5-storey office block with a basement car parking levels catered for business park activities

8. Funan Office Towers

NameFunan Office Towers
Location25 International Business Park Rd, S(609916)
WorkspacesOffice space for rent in Funan Office Towers is an excellent choice for MNCs seeking premium office space in the central area.

9. Maple tree Business city

NameMapletree Business city
Location50, 60, 70 & 80, Pasir Panjang Rd, (S)117440
Workspacestotal floor count of 30-storey will be one of the tallest business park buildings in Singapore and the other 3 adjoining blocks of MBC 50, MBC 60 and MBC 80 having 5, 6 and 8 levels

10. Tai Seng Office Space

NameTai seng Office Space
Location18 Tai Seng Street Singapore 539775
Workspaces50,000 square feet with core-to-window depth of 20 m offer businesses flexibility in designing efficient work spaces.


For a business to succeed your customers need to trust you, having an office gives any business that physical identity to it. The customers develop a trust as the office gives a physical identity to the business. An office informs your clients and employees who you are.

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Availing government grants in Singapore

Top 5 Women entrepreneurs in Singapore

Singapore is one of the desirable places for people to start new businesses the main reason being the support extended by the Government in the form of Grants, co-working spaces and a wide network of international investors. In the recent years women have have also evolved in the field of business. In this article, we are going to walk through the Top 5 Women Entrepreneurs in Singapore.


  • Who are the Top 5 and how they became successful.
  • What are the characteristics of a good entrepreneur?
  • Tips to be successful entrepreneur

Top 5 Women Entrepreneurs in Singapore

1.Tan Hooi Ling

Tan Hooi Ling

NameTan Hooi Ling
AccomplishmentsCo-founded singapore based Transport Company grab

Tan Hooi Ling alongwith Co-founder Anthony Tan in started the transportation company called grab which has expanded to nine countries in 9 years and has created jobs for millions of people along the way. Service to the society being her motivation she started an app called the grab care during the pandemic for the healthcare professionals which was an on demand ride during the pandemic.

2.Ankiti Bose

Ankiti Bose

NameAnkiti Bose
AccomplishmentsFirst Indian to found a Billion Dollar startup

Ankiti Bose is a 23 year old Business woman whose company Zilingo is a e-commerce portal that gets majority of its revenue from B2B business. During this pandemic Ankiti chose to share in Linked in that Zilingo would be supplying personal protection equipments like medical grade suits for hospitals, N95, KN 95, surgical masks, medical gowns across India, Indonesia and Singapore.

3.Rachael Lim

Rachael Lim

NameRachael Lim
AccomplishmentsC0 Founder of Love Bonito

Rachael started with an intention to change people’s perception on fashion, she wanted to innovate, bring in new ideas, her main focus was to cater to the modern Asian women. Soon she became an online retailer with original designs and is now found in 21 stores in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia , Cambodia and Hongkong.

4.Gillian Tan

Gillian Tan

NameGillian Tan
AccomplishmentsLeads two Video Production Networks

Gillian Tan leads two of the most successful online video production networks called Munkysuperstart pictures and clicknetwork. They produce online reality videos related to travel, shopping, beauty etc.

5.Charlotte Chen

Charlotte Chen

NameCharlotte Chen
AccomplishmentsRecently founded body care brand

Charlotte Chen recently founded Everyday for Everybody a Australian sunscreen and body care brand established in 2018. Prior to this she was an investment banker, she co-founded spottly an online platform where users can collect and share photos from their vacations, she also provided marketing strategies to companies like Dolce & Gabbana.

The characteristics of a good entrepreneur are;

  • Dont take no for an answer- how many ever refusals you face or receive you should be prepared to dust it away and find an alternative solution. Fear of failure should never get over you.
  • Finding a good mentor can prove to be a great advantage, learning from your own mistakes is also a good learning.
  • Always stay hungry and ambitious, you should have the desire to grow.
  • Always adapt to change, new processes, new technology will make your business more efficient and stronger
  • Businesses will like to work with people they like and trust so try to build a good business relationship
  • Hire people who share your vision and passion
  • Trust your gut instinct, not just your spreadsheet.


Becoming a successful entrepreneur doesn’t happen overnight or through a magic spell, ample amounts of hardwork and sheer dedication is required to transform you into that successful entrepreneur.