Singapore is one of the desirable places for people to start new businesses the main reason being the support extended by the Government in the form of Grants, co-working spaces and a wide network of international investors. In the recent years women have have also evolved in the field of business. In this article, we are going to walk through the Top 5 Women Entrepreneurs in Singapore.


  • Who are the Top 5 and how they became successful.
  • What are the characteristics of a good entrepreneur?
  • Tips to be successful entrepreneur

Top 5 Women Entrepreneurs in Singapore

1.Tan Hooi Ling

Name Tan Hooi Ling
Accomplishments Co-founded singapore based Transport Company grab

Tan Hooi Ling alongwith Co-founder Anthony Tan in started the transportation company called grab which has expanded to nine countries in 9 years and has created jobs for millions of people along the way. Service to the society being her motivation she started an app called the grab care during the pandemic for the healthcare professionals which was an on demand ride during the pandemic.

2.Ankiti Bose

Name Ankiti Bose
Accomplishments First Indian to found a Billion Dollar startup

Ankiti Bose is a 23 year old Business woman whose company Zilingo is a e-commerce portal that gets majority of its revenue from B2B business. During this pandemic Ankiti chose to share in Linked in that Zilingo would be supplying personal protection equipments like medical grade suits for hospitals, N95, KN 95, surgical masks, medical gowns across India, Indonesia and Singapore.

3.Rachael Lim

Name Rachael Lim
Accomplishments Co Founder of Love Bonito

Rachael started with an intention to change people’s perception on fashion, she wanted to innovate, bring in new ideas, her main focus was to cater to the modern Asian women. Soon she became an online retailer with original designs and is now found in 21 stores in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia , Cambodia and Hongkong.

4.Gillian Tan

Name Gillian Tan
Accomplishments Leads two Video Production Networks

Gillian Tan leads two of the most successful online video production networks called Munkysuperstart pictures and clicknetwork. They produce online reality videos related to travel, shopping, beauty etc.

5.Charlotte Chen

Name Charlotte Chen
Accomplishments Recently founded body care brand

Charlotte Chen recently founded Everyday for Everybody a Australian sunscreen and body care brand established in 2018. Prior to this she was an investment banker, she co-founded spottly an online platform where users can collect and share photos from their vacations, she also provided marketing strategies to companies like Dolce & Gabbana.

The characteristics of a good entrepreneur are;

  • Dont take no for an answer- how many ever refusals you face or receive you should be prepared to dust it away and find an alternative solution. Fear of failure should never get over you.
  • Finding a good mentor can prove to be a great advantage, learning from your own mistakes is also a good learning.
  • Always stay hungry and ambitious, you should have the desire to grow.
  • Always adapt to change, new processes, new technology will make your business more efficient and stronger
  • Businesses will like to work with people they like and trust so try to build a good business relationship
  • Hire people who share your vision and passion
  • Trust your gut instinct, not just your spreadsheet.


Becoming a successful entrepreneur doesn’t happen overnight or through a magic spell, ample amounts of hardwork and sheer dedication is required to transform you into that successful entrepreneur.

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