How to start a restaurant in Singapore?

  No wonder why Singapore is called the Food Capital of Asia; it boasts a rich and diverse culture, unlike any other country. One could walk down the streets of Singapore and find every cuisine you could possibly taste. Naturally, Singapore becomes a fulfilling location to open a restaurant.  If you are planning on starting…

List of 8 Restaurant Software in Singapore

Restaurant business was heavily impacted due to the pandemic. The lock down imposed by the Government shut down all the restaurants and thus in turn many restaurant workers returned home jobless.The restaurant business is slowly trying to catch up with takeaways and home delivery orders. Most of the restaurants were also converted into covid facilities….

Restaurant POS system for Small Businesses

The Restaurant POS system is a tool for helping the restaurant business in Singapore with billing, inventory management, CRM, reporting, etc. The restaurant business is an evolving business so if not kept in the pace you will not survive in the industry. With the introduction of cloud technology, the restaurant industry has undergone many changes….