Sought-after cars in Singapore refer to vehicles that are highly desirable or in high demand by car buyers in the country. These cars are usually popular for various reasons such as their performance, design, reliability, fuel efficiency, or advanced features.

Cars in Singapore

The automotive industry in Singapore is a significant contributor to the country’s economy. While Singapore does not have a large domestic automotive market, it is home to a thriving automotive industry that includes manufacturing, research and development, and distribution.

Singapore has a well-developed automotive ecosystem that attracts major automotive manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers to establish their regional headquarters and operations to selling cars in Singapore. The government has played a significant role in the development of the industry, providing various incentives and policies to support the growth and innovation of the sector.

List of 10 sought-After cars in Singapore.

1. Hyundai Avante

ModelHyundai Avante
DistributorKomoco Motors

2. Toyota Yaris Cross Hybrid

ModelToyota Yaris Cross Hybrid
DistributorBorneo Motors

3. Mercedes-Benz GLB-Class

ModelMercedes-Benz GLB-Class
DistributorCycle & Carriage Industries

4. Mazda 3 Sedan Mild Hybrid

ModelMazda 3 Sedan Mild Hybrid
DistributorTrans Eurokars

5. Kia Cerato

ModelKia Cerato  
DistributorCycle & Carriage Kia

6. Tesla Model 3 Electric

ModelTesla Model 3 Electric  
DistributorTesla Singapore

7. MG HS

ModelEurokars EV Pte Ltd
DistributorEurokars EV Pte LTd

8. Toyota Harrier Hybrid

Model Toyota Harrier Hybrid
DistributorBorneo Motors

9. Kia Stinger

ModelKia Stinger  
DistributorCycle & Carriage Kia

10. Mercedes-Benz GLB-Class

ModelMercedes-Benz GLB-Class
DistributorCycle & Carriage Industries

Why Singapore is Expensive for buying cars?

Singapore is known for being one of the most expensive places in the world to buy and own a car. This is due to a combination of factors, including high taxes, limited space, and a strong focus on public transportation.

One of the primary reasons for the high cost of cars in Singapore is the high taxes levied on them. Singapore has one of the highest taxes on cars in the world, known as the Certificate of Entitlement (COE) system. This system requires car buyers to bid for the right to own and use a vehicle for a period of ten years, and the cost of the COE can be quite high, often exceeding the cost of the car itself.


Hyundai and Toyota are one of the most popular brands of cars sold in Singapore though Mercedes is also catching up. Singapore is one of the most expensive places to own a car owing to the high taxes involved. Singapore is one place where you can connect to most places with public transport.

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Note: The information and price mentioned above are subject to respective changes from time to time.


1. What increases a car’s value the most?

The top six methods for raising the worth of your car are given below,
1.    Describe it. Impressions are important.
2.    Repair any little scratches or imperfections.
3.    Prepare the documents.
4.    Have it maintained.
5.    Look for items that may have come with the vehicle.
6.    Improve it appropriately.

2. What is the rule for ten-year-old cars in Singapore?

If you don’t pay to renew your COE, your car in Singapore must be deregistered after ten years. Begin the procedure two to three weeks before your COE expires. Your vehicle cannot be driven beyond this date, and you may be required to pay additional fees like towing.

3. What factors influence a car’s value?

A vehicle’s present condition and accident history are two more important factors that greatly influence its resale value in addition to mileage. Many sellers have a tendency to overestimate the value of their automobile and give it a better condition rating than is justified, but even minor flaws like scratches and dents can reduce the car’s resale value.

4. Which automobile brand has the longest history?

According to a new study by, the Toyota Sequoia, with a predicted existence of 296,509 miles, stands at the highest position on that list. According to a website dedicated to automotive research’s investigation of more than 2 million automobiles, 20 models have a lifespan of more than 200,000 miles.

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