How to manage the rental business with car rental management software

car rental management software

Why do you need car rental management software?

Car rental management software helps in managing the car rental business in real-time. It helps both the operator and the customers who use the software to book their appointments and also manage their fleet.

Advantages of Car rental management software

Car rental management software not only helps in making online bookings but also gives information on the vehicles, service tracking, customer management, invoicing and integration with other interfaces, etc.

The admin staff needs to spend less time on daily activities and focus on activities that really matter.

The Fleet management feature helps the rental owner to keep a track of the service due dates, the arrival, and departure of vehicles. The fleet management feature helps the rental owner to know which vehicle has gone for rent and which is available for rent.

The software also helps to keep the vehicles well maintained. This ensures that there is no breakdown when the customer takes the car for rentals.  It reduces maintenance costs and also increases fleet utilization.

The staff are able to respond quickly to customer requests and since most of the activities are done online it makes the customer happy and he keeps coming to the same rental agency.

The software also helps in invoicing and billing, the invoices are created from the templates in the software to give a more professional look to the business.

The receipts and payments to the business are easily entered in the software and the reports generated show the true financial position of the business which helps the rental owner in making important investment decisions.

How to choose the software? 

A software that has all the features that are required to run the rental agency under one platform is required. Moiboo software is an online cloud-based car rental management software that helps the rental agency manage all its activities in one solution.

Features that benefit the rental agency

Rentals can be long term or short term. Long term rentals are usually opted by Corporates. These involve agreements that can be prepared digitally and also recurring invoices can be raised with reminders to remind on the due dates.

Fleet management can be easily done using the fleet feature, the in and out details of the fleet are recorded which helps the rental owner to easily plan.

The bookings for the rentals can be made online from the list available on the website with prices.

All the documents related to the vehicle and the rental can be maintained at the same place and data can be retrieved anytime required.

The receipts and payments to the rental agency are recorded using the accounting feature in the software.

Features in a Nutshell

  • Recurring invoices
  • Invoicing
  • Document management
  • Mobile App
  • Accounting
  • Fleet management
  • Vehicle management
  • Vendor management


Moiboo software is a cloud-based software so the cost of expensive hardware is avoided. The Mobile App feature in the software helps the rental owner to manage the business from anywhere.

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How car rental software helps in vehicle management and bookings?

car rental software

What should a car rental software do?

Accept online reservations and payments which in turn increases your customers. The customers have a hassle-free experience by automating the bookings process and since the software has integrations with payment gateways, the payments can be made online without making the customers wait for long hours. car rental software helps to increase the profit and work productivity.

It improves your fleet management wherein all the data is maintained in the software. The rental agency does not require administrative staff or messy sheets for recording the data. The rental agency can easily manage the repairs and finances of the fleet.

The invoicing, document management, agreements can all be done digitally without the use of paper. This saves both time and paper and also the need for hiring staff for maintaining the documents manually.

The software should also be capable of recording all the receipts and payments which will in turn help in finding out the true cash position of the business.

Advantages of using car rental software

The car rental software has features that can make the day to day operations of the rental agency easy.

The software can immediately tell the vehicles that are available and which are not.

It saves time and helps the rental agency stay organized.

The software can send customers receipts and invoices automatically and also automates the booking process.

It keeps a track of the dates of the bookings which avoids confusion and automates the sales process.

The cloud-based feature helps to be installed anywhere without huge investment on hardware.

The mobile App feature of the software helps the rental agency to manage its business from anywhere.

Which software to choose?

Car rental business is a fast-developing business. Rental business can be a short term that is a daily rental or a long term rental which is mainly opted by corporate companies. The payment also will be long or short term based on the rental opted. The rentals are usually opted by people who have given their vehicles for repair or awaiting for insurance claims or by those who are travelling. Moiboo software is a car rental software that has all the features that are required to run the car rental business successfully. Moiboo software helps to make the rental business a profitable business.

Features of Moiboo software

  • Recurring Invoices
  • Invoices
  • Vehicle management
  • Vendor management
  • Document management
  • Mobile App
  • Accounting
  • Digital agreements
  • Fleet management


Moiboo software will help to train and support your team at the doorstep. It handles the bookings, sending alerts, managing customers, vehicle management etc.

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