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DMS Car Sales refers to the use of a computer system and software to store manage and track electronic documents and images of paper-based information.

Car dealer involves a lot of paperwork process, moreover paper process is costly and time-consuming and also involves manual labour. There could be errors in maintaining the data manually. DMS Car sales help in minimizing these errors.

Importance of DMS Car Sales

Physical Filing is difficult

Physical filing of paperwork is a tedious process. When the business is big there are chances that paper can be missed. With the help of DMS Car sales, files can be stored in a digital format.

Data is sensitive

Not only does data need to be stored it also needs to be secured. DMS car sales help in this situation. Apart from storing the data it also secures the documents.

Search for files

When files are maintained manually, it becomes difficult to retrieve the data. This involves a lot of manual work. With it, every document is properly maintained and can be recalled anytime you require it.

Secure Access

It is a cloud-based storage system which helps in storing the files and also provides security to the documents.



Car sales is a relationship between a buyer and a seller. To confirm this relationship an agreement is prepared. This confirms the transaction between the buyer and the seller. With the help of this system, the agreement can be stored in the cloud and revived as and when required.


Whenever a car is purchased by the buyer an invoice needs to be generated. An invoice can be prepared from the already available templates in the software or can be made specifically for the business. Company logo can be added to improve the company reputation.


Sometimes the new car might need some modifications or changes in the interiors etc, this decision needs to be approved by the customer. The approval from the buyer can be got over Whatsapp/SMS instead of making calls.


The seller needs to know if he is making a profit by selling a particular car. This can be easily found out from the profit per car calculation.


The multi-currency facility is available in the DMS car sales software. Invoices can be raised in the currency that is required.


SMS updates can be sent proactively to the buyer regarding his insurance and service due dates. This ensures that the important days are not missed.


The demand for a car increases based on the market conditions and the tastes of the customer. The Buyer can analyze the trend at which the cars are sold, he can stock those goods which are in high demand. Buying at the time of demand can be expensive hence the purchases can be preplanned.


Manually maintaining records of transactions is a tedious process. It help in maintaining all the records of the transaction in one place on the cloud. This saves storage space and is also very safe.


The car dealer needs to know how his business is doing, he need not be stationed in one place to know that. With the mobile App feature, he can access and control his business from anywhere.


Salesmen and mechanics are involved in a car dealer business. Both of them work for commissions. These commission calculations can be done effortlessly with the software.


Commission calculations need to be done. Record of receipts and expenses need to be done. All this can be done with the software and the car dealer can know if his business is doing good or is incurring losses.

Flooring Credit

Floor Credit calculations can be done automatically. This reduces manual error and the data can be accurate.

DMS Car Sales


We will train you and your team right there at your doorstep in Singapore. This helps you learn and set-up the software in less than 30 minutes.




  • Invoicing
  • Accounting
  • Inventory
  • GST
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  • Invoicing
  • Accounting
  • Inventory
  • GST
  • Stock on Consignment
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  • Invoicing
  • Accounting
  • Inventory
  • GST
  • Stock on Consignment
  • Agreement
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