How to make your business successful with workshop software?

How to make your business successful with workshop software?

A workshop is a place where your vehicles are maintained and serviced. There needs to be efficient mechanics to run the workshop. They need to be qualified mechanics who are specialized in their field. The customers need to build a trust factor with the mechanics to keep coming to the same workshop again. This system will be used to your business successful with workshop software

Why should we have workshop software?

Workshop software is an online tool which has all the features related to the working of the workshop under one solution. It integrates with other software, for example, payment gateways which makes it easy for the customer to make online payments. The workshop software manages all the day to day activities of the workshop which enables the owner to focus more on the repair work rather than wasting his time on admin work.

How workshop software makes the business successful?

Workshop software helps focus more on customer satisfaction than on admin related tasks. This brings more customers to the workshop and increases the business. This is more profitable and business successful with workshop software

The main activity in the workshop is managing the appointments that come to the workshop. The owner can manage his appointments online using the workshop software. As soon as the vehicle enters the workshop, job card is created which helps in assigning tasks to the mechanics. The job card contains a list of activities that need to be performed on the vehicle. This ensures that the mechanic is assigned a vehicle and also that he performs all the activities required in the servicing of the vehicle.

If any part or major service needs to be done on the vehicle the mechanic needs to take approval from the customer. This approval can be obtained through phone or SMS without making disturbing and annoying calls to the customer. The customer also gets an estimate of the cost that he would incur for the repair.

The mechanic resources can be utilized effectively. The mechanic management feature ensures that all mechanics are assigned vehicles and also the job card acts as a checklist for the tasks completed by the mechanics.

Once the repair work is done an invoice is raised on the customer for the services rendered. These invoices can be prepared from the software using the templates which are already in the software or customize the invoices based on their requirement. The templates add a professional look to the invoices adding a prestige value to the workshop.

Most of the workshops run a spare part store alongside their workshop which makes it easier to avail the spare parts in the store. The mechanics or the customer need not run around looking for the spare parts. Also, the inventory management software helps to manage the stock of the spare parts. It ensures that there is no overbuying and that the stock is not wasted.

All the documents related to the workshop are stored in one place so the mechanic can retrieve the documents pertaining to the vehicle can be got from one place. This ensures that no documents are missed. Also, reminders can be set in for maintenance and service due dates. This ensures that no dates are missed.

Accounting feature helps in recording all the receipts and payments. This helps in finding out the true financial position of the business. It gives the right cash flow which helps in planning future expenses and investments.

How Moiboo software can help in making the business successful?

Moiboo software is an automated online software customized for the workshop business. It has all the features that are needed by a workshop under one solution. It is an affordable user-friendly software that suits the needs of the workshop.

Features of the Moiboo software

  • Job cards
  • Invoicing
  • Customer approval
  • Vehicle management
  • Mechanic Management
  • Vehicle status alert
  • Consumables management
  • Purchase management
  • Document management
  • Mobile App
  • Accounting


Already most of the workshops have moved towards digitalization. Having the right software can help in making the business successful. Also, the mobile App feature in the Moiboo software helps to access the business from anywhere and all the mechanics and owner can use the software at the same time.

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Why Mechanical Workshop software makes the workshop business successful?

Mechanical workshop software

Mechanical workshop software is software used to streamline the working of a workshop.The work of the workshop owner does not end with just setting up the workshop, the operations need to be executed efficiently. The workshop owner has the challenging task of running his business by optimising the resources and increasing efficiently.

The main features required in a mechanical workshop software are;

1.         Booking Appointments

2.         Job Management

3.         Customer Management

4.         Mobile App

5.         Easy Invoicing

6.         Customer Approval

Booking Appointments

The main feature to look for in a mechanical software is to see if can help in maintaining the appointments for the workshop owner. The owner should be able to plan his appointments in such a way that they don’t overlap.

Job Management

The main task is assigning tasks to the mechanics. The mechanics need to know which vehicle needs to be repaired. Job cards help in preparing a checklist for the service work. it provides the mechanics with a list of activities that need to be performed on the vehicle and also ensures that all the tasks are done.

Customer Management

All the customer details need to be maintained in the software. All the details relating to the customer are saved in the database. Whenever required the data can be called back. For example, the last visit to the workshop, what was the service done earlier, when Is the insurance due date .The mechanical workshop software should have the facility of attaching all the documents of the customer in one place so that it facilitates easy access to all the documents of the customer.

Easy Invoicing

It would be significantly simpler if the mechanical software has the office of simple invoicing. Most of the software have inbuilt templates that can be used for Invoicing or the invoices can be customized as per our requirement. The mechanical software should have the option of converting quotes to Invoices, Invoices to sales order.It would be even easier if the invoices can be sent to the customer directly from the software. This help in saving both time and paper.

Mobile App

If the mechanical workshop software has a mobile app, it is easy for the mechanics to maintain their job details. The mechanics can be assigned vehicles for repair. Upon completion of the job, they can update the job completion status in the app itself. If the mobile app is even more effective, it should have the facility of sending the invoices to the customer as soon as the job is done. The customers need not have to wait for the invoices.

Customer Approval

For any vehicle repair, the specialist would need to get the endorsement from the client to know whether he can continue with the repairs. This helps in saving time and unnecessary calls to customers can be avoided.

Advantages of using a Mechanical workshop software

Plan and Schedule maintenance

Manage work orders efficiently

Manage spare parts inventory

Eliminate paperwork

Enhance productivity

Reduce overtime

Which software suits best for the workshop?

Moiboo software is specifically customized for the workshop business.It is a very user friendly and easy to use software that can be used even by a lame person. It automates all the activities of the workshop from job cards, Inventory management, appointment booking,customer management, accounting etc.

The main features of the Moiboo software are

  • Job cards
  • Invoicing
  • Inventory management
  • Customer approval
  • Accounting
  • Purchase management
  • Mechanic Management
  • Vehicle status alert
  • Mobile App


Moiboo is a cloud based software customized for the workshop business. Only if the customer is happy will he revisit or refer new customers to the workshop.

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What You Know About Workshop Software And What You Don’t Know About Workshop Software

What do you know about Workshop software

Workshop software is an online management software that manages and controls the workshop effectively. The main features that a workshop software should have been

What You Know About Workshop Software And What You Don't Know About Workshop Software

1.Job cards

Job card management is an important feature of the workshop. Once the vehicle reaches the workshop for servicing or repair, the job card is filled which enables the mechanic to know what repairs are to be done on the vehicle. It also serves as a check on the mechanics to see if all the tasks are fulfilled.


After the completion of the repair and service work, an invoice is raised for the customer towards the payment done. The invoices can be prepared from the customised templates given in the software. The company logo can also be added to give a more professional look. The invoice template can also be designed based on the requirement of the owner. These invoices can be sent to the customer through Whatsapp/SMS rather than taking a print out and handing over. This saves both time and paper.

3.Customer approval

Certain repair work requires approval from the customer to proceed further. These approvals can be obtained from the customer through SMS/Whatsapp without disturbing the customer by making calls. He is also given the estimate of the repair or replacement work which helps him make the decision.

4.Mechanic Management

The job card feature helps to keep a check on the mechanics. The mechanics are assigned vehicles based on the appointments. Sometimes it may be required that two or more mechanics are needed to repair a particular vehicle. The mechanics can be assigned tasks only if the owner knows which mechanic is available and who has been assigned vehicles already.

5.Consumable Management

Almost all the workshops have a spare part store to facilitate easy availability of the spare parts. The inventory management is done effectively with the software.

6.Purchase management

Inventory is managed with the software, so the owner is aware of which parts have been sold and which are in stock. The owner can make a decision as to what purchase is to be made to replace the sold out parts.

7.Vehicle status alert

Once the vehicle is ready after the repair work, the customer is informed on the status of the vehicle. The customer can either request for delivery of the vehicle or collect the vehicle himself after the repair.

8.Document management

The information of the customer, past repair records, pictures of the vehicle, insurance copies etc is all the documents that are maintained in the software. Since it is cloud-based, all the information is stored in the cloud. When a customer revisits the workshop owner can refer the database and pull out records of previous repairs and any specific changes to the vehicle. Any data can be called back whenever required.

9.Mobile App

The most advantageous feature of the workshop software is the mobile App which allows the owner to access his business from anywhere. The mechanics, staff and the owner can access the software at the same time.


A definitive point of any business is making profits. The receipts and payments are recorded using the accounting feature which helps the owner understand the true financial standing of his business.

What you don’t know about workshop software

The future of workshop software sees a lot more futuristic features added to the software.

The workshop software will have additional features whereby the software will check the health of the vehicle and inform the customer if any part is going to wear out and if it needs to be replaced. This proactive feature will avoid downtime and breakdowns of generally the commercial vehicles.

The next generation workshop software can help guide the mechanic at every step. Once the vehicle reaches the workshop, a picture of the worn-out part is taken. The software can immediately help the mechanic with the method of repair, the spare part to be replaced and the tools that the mechanic is supposed to use for the repair work.

The electronic job card is another splendid feature. As soon as the vehicle is brought for repair, a job card is filled. It accompanies the vehicle everywhere until its repair is complete. The job card can be ticked after every task is complete. The mechanic can use this job card to explain to the customer in detail as to what repair has been carried out on his vehicle. The owner can also ensure that all the tasks specified for the repair have been performed by the mechanics. The customer also gains confidence in the mechanic, that no unnecessary repair work was performed by the mechanics.


Workshop software can prove very advantageous to the workshop business. The business can be improved and profits can be increased. The owner focusses more on customer satisfaction as the operational activities are carried out by the software. Since the customer is satisfied he revisits the workshops and also refers his friends to the workshop thereby increasing the revenue.

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7 reasons why you should invest in workshop software

7 reasons why you should invest in workshop software

A workshop is a place where your vehicles are repaired or maintained. Automobile shops can be independently owned by an individual. There are also workshops which are specialized in particular fields and brands of vehicles. You also have the online workshops which provide doorstep servicing of your vehicle.

Why is workshop software needed?

Workshop software is needed to manage the operations of a workshop which could be automobile workshops, truck workshops, machinery or equipment etc. Workshop software helps in making the most of your business without getting into complicated and expensive software systems.

What are the features needed in a workshop software

  1. Job cards
  2. Invoicing
  3. Customer approval
  4. Mechanic Management
  5. Vehicle status alert
  6. Consumable management
  7. Purchase management
  8. Document management
  9. Mobile App

Moiboo is a workshop software that satisfies all the needs of the workshop. It is a cloud-based solution which manages all the day to day activities of the workshop.

Benefits of using Moiboo Workshop software

The main task in a workshop is the booking of appointments for services. The customer can book his appointment online and the workshop owner can also find out how many appointments he has received for servicing and repairs.

workshop software

With the identification of appointments, the workshop owner is in a position to assign work to his mechanics. The job card feature enables the owner to delegate work to his mechanics. There might be cases where the need for more than one mechanic arises. The owner should be in a position to allocate the mechanic who is available or one who specializes in the repair. The job card features also provide a checklist for the owner to analyse the work of the mechanic.

After the completion of the repair or servicing work invoice needs to be raised for the payment done by the customer. The software has inbuilt templates of invoices that can be used for the purpose. The invoices can also be customized based on the requirement of the business. There is no paperwork involved as the invoices are delivered to the customer through SMS/Emails or Whatsapp.

During unexpected scenarios, there might be a situation wherein the customer approval for the replacement of a part is required. The customer can be sent an estimate with the charges that he might incur for the replacement and helps him decide if the mechanic can go ahead with the repair work or not.

The CRM feature in the software helps to maintain the customer information, his past history and other references to the customer. Basically the software has a good document management system whereby all the details related to the customer and the vehicle are maintained in one place. The details can be called for at any point in time when required. There are some details which are captured in the database and the same can be prefilled while preparing the invoices. This gives a more professional feel to the invoices.

Some of the workshops also manage a spare part shop. This helps in getting the replaced parts easily. The customer or the mechanic need not run around to obtain the spare part. The spare part inventory is maintained effectively using the software. The items that are sold out and those which are available are easily identified. This ensures that there is no wastage of inventory and the purchases can also be planned accordingly.

Once the vehicle is repaired the customer can be notified over an SMS/Whatsapp message that his vehicle is ready to be delivered. The customer can then come and collect his vehicle. Similarly, the due dates for service maintenance and insurance due dates are maintained in the software. The owner is then reminded of the due dates as and when it arises.

All mechanics work for a commission. The owner needs to calculate the commission of the mechanics every month. These commission calculations can be done automatically with the software.

The workshop owner will have to keep a track of his expenses and payments, the software helps in maintaining the expenses and recording the cash payments. This helps in knowing the actual cash position of the business. The owner can then analyse and plan his expenses.

The mobile App feature in the software helps to manage the business from anywhere. All the mechanics, employees and staff can access the software at the same time.

Moiboo workshop software helps in managing the workshop from customer update to invoice creation and payment tracking. Only if the customer is happy will the references increase.

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