Mechanical Workshop software

Mechanical workshop software is software used to streamline the working of a workshop.The work of the workshop owner does not end with just setting up the workshop, the operations need to be executed efficiently. The workshop owner has the challenging task of running his business by optimising the resources and increasing efficiently.

The main features required in a mechanical workshop software are;

1.         Booking Appointments

2.         Job Management

3.         Customer Management

4.         Mobile App

5.         Easy Invoicing

6.         Customer Approval

Booking Appointments

The main feature to look for in a mechanical software is to see if can help in maintaining the appointments for the workshop owner. The owner should be able to plan his appointments in such a way that they don’t overlap.

Job Management

The main task is assigning tasks to the mechanics. The mechanics need to know which vehicle needs to be repaired. Job cards help in preparing a checklist for the service work. it provides the mechanics with a list of activities that need to be performed on the vehicle and also ensures that all the tasks are done.

Customer Management

All the customer details need to be maintained in the software. All the details relating to the customer are saved in the database. Whenever required the data can be called back. For example, the last visit to the workshop, what was the service done earlier, when Is the insurance due date .The mechanical workshop software should have the facility of attaching all the documents of the customer in one place so that it facilitates easy access to all the documents of the customer.

Easy Invoicing

It would be significantly simpler if the mechanical software has the office of simple invoicing. Most of the software have inbuilt templates that can be used for Invoicing or the invoices can be customized as per our requirement. The mechanical software should have the option of converting quotes to Invoices, Invoices to sales order.It would be even easier if the invoices can be sent to the customer directly from the software. This help in saving both time and paper.

Mobile App

If the mechanical workshop software has a mobile app, it is easy for the mechanics to maintain their job details. The mechanics can be assigned vehicles for repair. Upon completion of the job, they can update the job completion status in the app itself. If the mobile app is even more effective, it should have the facility of sending the invoices to the customer as soon as the job is done. The customers need not have to wait for the invoices.

Customer Approval

For any vehicle repair, the specialist would need to get the endorsement from the client to know whether he can continue with the repairs. This helps in saving time and unnecessary calls to customers can be avoided.

Advantages of using a Mechanical workshop software

  • Plan and Schedule maintenance
  • Manage work orders efficiently
  • Manage spare parts inventory
  • Eliminate paperwork
  • Enhance productivity
  • Reduce overtime

Which software suits best for the workshop?

Moiboo software is specifically customized for the workshop business.It is a very user friendly and easy to use software that can be used even by a lame person. It automates all the activities of the workshop from job cards, Inventory management, appointment booking,customer management, accounting etc.

The main features of the Moiboo software are

  • Job cards
  • Invoicing
  • Inventory management
  • Customer approval
  • Accounting
  • Purchase management
  • Mechanic Management
  • Vehicle status alert
  • Mobile App


Moiboo is a cloud based software customized for the workshop business. Only if the customer is happy will he revisit or refer new customers to the workshop.

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