How to attract more customers to your workshop

How to attract more customers to your workshop

Automotive workshop business is a very profitable business. It is very difficult to stay in competition with the other workshops. You need to keep your business updated so that the customers keep coming to the same workshop.

The business has to maintain itself even in slower periods so that the workshop is able to maintain the existing customers and attract new customers to the business.

How to keep your customers attracted to your Automotive Workshop business?

Having a good website is an effective and powerful form of digital marketing for your business. It generates more business for the workshop. It gives a positive impression on the workshop. People also like to do business with workshops that are familiar and have an established brand name. Once this is established word of mouth will be the most effortless form of marketing for the business.

There should be good software which handles the customers for you. Right from the time the customer makes an appointment for the repair or service work. The software should maintain all the customer details so that when he visits next time the workshop should already bring out details of what repairs were earlier done on the vehicle and any parts replaced etc. This builds a trust factor amongst the customers and they would also like to stick to the workshops they trust. The customer should also not have trouble waiting in long queues for getting an invoice or making a payment. With the online workshop software, all this is streamlined and automated and you have happy customers for your workshop.

Social media is another major factor that influences the customers to the workshop. If the customers google and try to find your workshop and it is not available then it is a loss for you. The website needs to be updated regularly. Use social media like Facebook, Twitter to promote your business. Keep them regularly updated with the latest developments in the repair industry and any additional specialized feature that your workshop has adopted. This adds like a boost to your business and helps in attracting more customers to your business.

Connect yourself with good car dealers who can refer their customers to you for repair or service or maintenance of their vehicles. This can help to increase the customers as the car dealers can refer new customers to the workshop.

You can hold seminars on new techniques of repair or new technology in vehicles to interested existing customers as an additional benefit to the customers. Free vehicle inspections can be conducted which can attract more customers. You can also come up with some discounts or gift coupons to regular customers to keep them happy.

Stay in touch with your customers regularly by sending SMS or emails with latest facilities or offers in the workshop. This helps in maintaining the workshop even during slow business periods.

The mechanics in the workshop should be constant. When a customer sees the same mechanic in the workshop a trust factor builds in the minds of the customer and he would like to visit the workshop and get his vehicle repaired from the same mechanic. SO it is also important to keep your mechanics satisfied. Simply by calling existing customers and informing them about special discounts can also increase and attract customers.

Customer Reviews


Happy customers can help in increasing the business of the automotive workshops. A happy customer would definitely refer the workshop to his friends or relatives and help in increasing the business.

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How to improve car rental business with car rental software

What is a car rental business?

Car rental business a very profitable business. It lets out vehicles on rent to people who have come out of station or hired by those whose vehicles have gone out for repair or whose claims are pending for insurance.

The vehicles can be hired for a short term or long term. The duration can range from a few hours to a day or even a few weeks or months. The long term hire is usually done by corporates for their business.

How to improve car rental business with car rental software

Why does the business need car rental software?

Car rental software for rental business is required by the rental business to manage the day to day operations of the business. If the daily activities are streamlined and automated the agency can focus more on business-related tasks than on the routine admin tasks.

The best software for rental business deals with all the major tasks from booking the appointments, maintenance of vehicles, creating agreements, Driver management, Fleet management, Commission calculation for the drivers, Invoicing and Accounting.

Which software should the car rental business choose?

The best software for car rental business is one which has all the features related to the car rental business under one solution. The foremost task of the rental business is bookings. The website displays the vehicles that are available for rent and the customer picks the vehicle of his choice from the vehicles displayed and makes the bookings. In the case of long term, bookings agreement needs to be prepared between the customer and the rental agency. These agreements can be prepared digitally without using paper. This helps in saving time and paper involved in printing the agreements. The fleet management helps the rental owner to know which vehicle has gone out and which is available for rent. This avoids confusion while bookings. In the case of corporate bookings, the rental period is extended for a few weeks or months. In these cases recurring invoices can be raised for the payments and reminders can be set which reminds the customer on the pending payments. This ensures that no payments are missed. Vehicle maintenance is an important aspect of the rental business. The vehicles given on rent should be properly maintained so that the customer does not have to face any breakdowns during his rental period. This builds a trust factor with the customers. Invoicing can be easily done using the templates from the software which adds a professional look to the invoices. These invoices can be sent online through Whatsapp/SMS without the use of paper. In a rental agency, you have drivers for the vehicles. These drivers need to be paid for their services. Their data is maintained by the software as to how many trips were made which makes it easy to derive at their payment. The rental agency may get payments daily or for long term rentals after the end of the rental period. The accounting feature of the software helps to account for the expenses and receipts and provides the true cash flow of the business.

Why choose Moiboo software?

As discussed above the best software for car rental business is one which has all the features of the car rental business under one solution. Moiboo is one such software which has all the features under one platform. Moiboo is an affordable and user-friendly software which is customized specifically for the car rental business.

The features of Moiboo software are;

  • Recurring invoices
  • Invoices
  • Vehicle management
  • Vendor management
  • Document management
  • Mobile App
  • Accounting
  • Digital agreement
  • Fleet management


2 user – 10800 for 1 year

3 user – 16200 for 1 year

additional user at 900

80 per cent PSG grants available


Unless you stand at par with your competitors you will not be able to be successful in your business. More and more agencies are moving towards online solutions. Choosing the right online solution for your business can help you increase your business and give your business a head start over the competition.

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How automotive workshop software dominates the Workshop industry

How automotive software has evolved?

The industry is moving towards digital technology and most of the workshops are trying to adapt the change in their business to stay in the competition and also stay ahead with their competitors. The use of software makes everything easy and helps the business reach maximum efficiency.

how automotive workshop software dominates the Workshop industry

Importance of Automotive workshop software in the Automotive industry

Nowadays the world is revolving around computers, mobile phones and networks. From ordering food to bookings appointments everything is done online, that too by using your mobile phones. Since everything is digitalized, almost every business wants to incorporate the latest technologies in its business to be at par with its competitors. The automotive industry is also no exception to this change. The change to digitalization reduces tons of workload of the admin and the customers can make the best use of the services like online bookings, online payments.

Benefits of Automotive workshop software in the Automotive industry

 There are a lot of benefits from using the software in the automotive industry.

Booking Appointments

It is very difficult to manage garages and there are times when due to lack of staff it becomes very difficult to manage the bookings, handle customers and also carry out various admin work. The software helps to make online bookings. The customers can book in their appointments online. This reduces the workload of the staff in dealing with appointments and the customers can also book their appointments without issues.

Job scheduling

Usually, a workshop will have a lot of mechanics and employees and during busy times it becomes very difficult to manage them. When a lot of vehicles come for repair it becomes difficult to assign the vehicles to mechanics as it is difficult to find out which mechanic is already assigned a vehicle and who is free to take up vehicles for repair.

Vehicle status alert

This is a proactive feature of the software which helps the customer to know after his vehicle is ready for pickup after servicing. The customer can be up to date on the service process of the vehicle. If any approval is required for the servicing of the vehicle, it can be obtained from the customer within no time.


The reporting feature of the software helps the workshop owner by providing him with reports that can help in making important decisions.

Which software to choose and what features should the software have?

There is much software that caters to the automotive industry. For eg: Job card management software helps in preparing the job cards and scheduling the workflow. Invoicing software can help in billing and invoicing etc. You need to choose software which has all the features integrated under one solution. Moiboo software is one such automotive workshop software dominates workshop industry which has all the features required for the workshop under one platform. This means that the workshop does not require to have various software for various purposes. He can just use one software to satisfy all the workshop needs.

The features that are required in the Automotive workshop software are:

1.Job cards


3.Customer approval

4.Mechanic Management

5.Consumable Management

6.Purchase management

7.Vehicle status alert

8.Document management

9. Mobile App

10. Accounting


The software should be easy and user-friendly for the workshop staff to easily understand and use the software. The software should have all the above features and streamline your operations to make the working of the workshop easier. hope the above lines explain about automotive workshop software dominates workshop industry.

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Comparison of Top 5 Car rental management software

Need for Car rental management software

The management of car rental company requires skills, experience and a good understanding of the business. This is where the need for car rental management software arises. A good car rental software will help the car rental agency to manage its vehicles, manage the customers, online reservations etc.

Comparison of Top 5 Car rental management software

A good online car rental management software should have the following features;

  1. A good online booking system
  2. Fleet management feature
  3. Document management
  4. Fleet dashboard

Advantages of using a car rental management software

  1. Customers can make their bookings online, they can select the vehicle from the website and block the dates when the car is required
  2. The rental agency can identify the fleet that is available for rent and those which have already been let out from the fleet dashboard.
  3. The GPS facility helps the customer to know the whereabouts of the vehicle and the driver and the driver, in turn, can find the location of the customer
  4. Invoicing and Billing can be automated with the invoicing feature. This adds to the professional look of the invoices.
  5. The SMS reminder facility helps to remind on the pending payments.
  6. The reporting feature helps the management make important decisions for the business.
AMC (SGD)20% 100%
FEATURES  Business Specific  Not Business Specific


The rental agency has much software to choose from but the software has to be customized for the rental business. All the features required by the rental company should be available on one platform.

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Comparison of Top 5 Car dealer software

A car dealership is a business that sells new and used cars. It employs salesmen to sell their vehicles. Most of the car dealers have a workshop associated with them to provide easy services and repairs to the vehicles. Comparison of Top 5 Car dealer software listed below.

Comparison of Top 5 Car dealer software

Process for setting up a car dealership business

  1. Conduct market research
  2. Create a business plan
  3. Licensing
  4. Hiring the right employees
  5. Identifying the right location
  6. Inventory management
  7. Promotions- Advertising and Marketing
  8. Automation software

Comparison of Top 5 Car Dealership software

AMC (SGD)20%100%
Customer Relationship ManagementYESNo
Service Engineer ManagementYESNo
Inventory TrackingYESNo
SMS PluginYESYes
Sales Team ManagementYESNo
POS BillingYESNo
Claims ManagementNOyes
Bank SyncNOyes
Mobile AppYESNo
Job Sheet ManagementYESNo
Loyalty ManagementYESYes
Warehouse ManagementYESYes
Purchase ManagementYESyes
Document ManagementYESNo
Digital AgreementsYESNo
Consignment SalesYESNo
Profit per CarYESNo
Vehicle ManagementYESNo
Comission CalculationYESNo
Vendor ManagementYESNo
Consumable ManagementYESNo
Customer ApprovalYESNo
Vehicle Status AlertYESNo
Floor Credit ManagementYESNo


A good car dealer software can help in better staff management, Improved business practices, better customer satisfaction and good communication.

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How to start an auto repair shop service centre in Singapore

auto repair shop service centre in Singapore

If you enjoy working with automobiles then starting an auto repair shop service centre business is the apt solution. Most people have cars which are a few years old and need servicing. This infers that there is a need for repair shops in the rise. Starting your own repair shop can give you full control over your own hours and allow you to reap the benefits of the business.

What are the steps to start an auto repair shop service centre?

1. Designing a business plan

 The first step in starting a repair shop business is building a business plan. You need to plan if you want to open a specialized. How many cars can be repaired in one day and how many mechanics are needed to work on cars? The business plan helps to decide the investment required to run the business from the equipment cost, Mechanics remuneration and workshop cost etc.

2.Identifying the potential locations

Locations that are convenient to either the highway or main road access. Leasing a workshop might work out cheaper than buying the building. If your shop is isolated no one will come to your workshop. The location should be able to accommodate an office to take care of the administrative needs and a waiting room to accommodate the customers.

 3. Determine your equipment needs

The cost of the equipment will be the major cost of starting the workshop. You can either rent the equipment or buy it outright.


The next step is to identify the sources from which the funds will be obtained. You can apply for a business loan from a bank or from Financial institutions. Family members can also fund into your business. 

5. Define your selling point

 The selling point for your business needs to be identified, the customers should know why to choose the workshop. Why choose your business amongst the competitors. 

6. Obtain the license

Check the license that needs to be obtained for the business in that particular state. Fill out the required application form, provide the required documents, pay the fees required for processing the application.

7. Fulfil your administrative needs

You need to have the staff to take care of the administrative needs. An accountant is required to manage the bookkeeping system. 

8. Marketing

Print eye-catching flyers where a lot of people can see the details of the workshop displayed. Have a grand opening and invite the locals to build a rapport. Offer some discounts and rewards for initial customers. You can also consider advertising on TV or Radio.

9. Integrate with car dealerships

 The workshop can integrate with car dealers so that the car dealers can refer the workshop for the maintenance and repair of the vehicles. In return, you can refer the car dealer to your customers.

10. Automation software

The final step would be considering the right automation software for the workshop to maintain the day to day activities of the workshop. This helps in reducing the time taken to carry out the time-consuming activities and focusing more on customer repairs and customer satisfaction.


In addition to the above the mechanics can also get themselves certified to build more trust in the mechanics and the workshop. The auto repair shop service centre is a very profitable business provided all the above mentioned are handled well.

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How to start an Automobile workshop in Singapore

How to start an Automobile workshop in Singapore

The following steps to start an automobile workshop in Singapore. Singapore is the best place for business in the World. It has a business-oriented environment and the procedures are very straight forward and the government agencies are very responsive. A workshop is a place where all your vehicles are repaired and serviced. If an existing workshop is purchased it becomes easy as there are customers already available and the equipment so investment on equipment need not be made.

The main factors to be dealt with while starting a workshop are

1. Obtaining the property

The first step is to identify the right location that is the place where you want to open the workshop. It should not be in a deserted place where there is no population. So the right location needs to be identified

2. Know the startup costs

You need to identify the cost that you would require for setting up the workshop. A business plan needs to be created with the projected cost for location, equipment, staff, spare parts investment if the workshop is setting a spare part store alongside. The funds to acquire can be obtained from financial institutions or banks.

3. Specializations

While most of the workshops offer normal services your workshop can offer niche repairs which no other workshop is offering. The repairs can be specific to a certain manufacturer or brand. This might help in making a name in the market but you might lose out other customers.

4. Legal advice

A business license needs to be obtained for running the business. The rules and regulations need to be followed. Presales steps as prescribed by the law needs to be followed.

5. Hiring the right employee

The main success of the workshop depends on its mechanics. Mechanics should have good knowledge of the vehicles and also the mechanics should be able to interpret the problem showcased by the customer. The service provided by the mechanics is the prime factor in the growth of the workshop. A satisfied customer will revisit the workshop since he has a built in trust factor with the mechanic. He will also refer his friends and relatives to the workshop.

6. Market your business

Good advertising can help to increase the customers to the workshop. Fulfillment of promises as mentioned in your ad will keep the customers coming back again and again. Schedule a grand opening so that locals can visit your shop. Advertise special discounts and offers to draw the attention of the people.

7. Certifications

Certification builds a trust value to the workshop where the customers get the feeling that the mechanics and owner know what they are doing.  There are certain criteria for getting the certification done. If you fit in you can certify which adds on as a marketing tool for the business.

8. Automation software

The final step is obtaining good automation software for your business. The software should be customized for the workshop business. It should have all the features required to run the operations of the workshop. The main reason for having the software is to reduce the admin time taken for day to day activities of the workshop. The employees can focus more on customer service than wasting their time on admin related work. The workshop software should have the following features ;

  •   Job card management
  •   Vehicle management
  • Mechanic Management
  • Customer Approval
  • Invoicing
  • Inventory management
  • Document management
  • Commission calculation
  • Accounting
  • Mobile App.

9. Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the most important factor in the growth of the workshop business. The customer service is based on two factors Service quality and product quality. The service quality is based on how the customers are treated from the time they enter the workshop till the time they take delivery of the vehicle. Product quality refers to the satisfaction of the customer with the service done on his vehicle. If his needs are met in the workshop is product quality.


Workshop business can be a very successful business if all the above factors are considered and adhered to. The future of the workshop depends on good automation software and the right mechanics and focused more on customer satisfaction.

Hope the above points useful to you for starting an automobile workshop in in Singapore.

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Comparison of Top Automotive workshop software in Singapore

Automotive workshop software is required for every automobile business to automate and streamline the activities of the business and to optimize the resources and increase efficiency and shift the focus of the owner from the time-consuming tasks to customer satisfaction.

Comparison of Automotive  Workshop software

AMC (SGD)20%100%
FEATURES  Business Specific  Not Business Specific

Advantages of Moiboo software

There are many Automotive workshop software for the automobile business in the market. There needs to be software that has all the features related to the workshop management like job card creation, vehicle management, Customer approvals, Appointment bookings, Mechanic management, Commission calculation, and Accounting, etc.

Moiboo software has all the features integrated into it that make the day to day operations of the Workshop easy. The workshop owner can concentrate more on vehicle repairs and customer satisfaction. Admin time is saved as most of the tasks are automated.

Moiboo software is a cloud-based software and hence the heavy investment in the installation of hardware is avoided. The workshops generally use multiple software for various activities but Moiboosoftwares has all the features under one platform.


Moiboo Automotive workshop software helps the workshop to upgrade and also stay ahead in competition with other workshops. The business becomes more successful as customers satisfaction is targeted.

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Top 5 Automotive workshop software’s in Singapore

Automotive workshop software provides a comprehensive service module that suits both independent and franchised outlets. It allows you to see a live, real-time overview of the service department by keeping a track of your estimates, bookings that are yet to arrive for service and pending payments. It provides a job card feature that helps the mechanics to get their job on hand. The service history tracking keeps a record of the vehicles repaired. When the customer revisits the mechanics can pull out the history and see what previous repairs and service have been done on the vehicles. The cloud facility offers access to the software from anywhere.

Top 5 Automotive workshop software’s in Singapore

What is the best Automotive workshop software in Singapore?

1. Moiboo software

Moiboo software is an automotive workshop software that is customized for the workshop business. It has all the features that are required to manage the day to day operations of the workshop.

Features of the Moiboo software

  • Job cards
  • Invoicing
  • Customer approval
  • Mechanic management
  • Vehicle status alert
  • Consumable management
  • Purchase management
  • Document management
  • Mobile App
  • Accounting


2 users – $ 10800

3 users – $ 16200

for every additional user, it is $ 900

Moiboo software is eligible for 80 percent PSG grants.

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RAMP software is again a cloud-based workshop management system that helps in the operations of the workshop. It basically helps in cutting down the admin time which is spent on manual tasks to moving towards repair works and customer satisfaction.

Features of RAMP software

  • Billing & Invoicing
  • CRM
  • Inventory Management
  • Labour Rates
  • Maintenance Scheduling
  • Quotes/Estimates
  • Service History Tracking
  • VIN Lookup
  • Work Order Management


The pricing of the RAMP software is from $150 a month for the basic version


Maxxtraxx Pro software is a web-based automotive software that helps in making the key decisions for the workshop business.

Features of MAXX TRAXX PRO

  • Accounting management
  • Billing & invoicing
  • Inventory control
  • Service management
  • Payroll management
  • Customer database
  • Appointment management
  • Progress tracking
  • Productivity reporting
  • Summary reports
  • Customer tickets
  • Sales reporting
  • Parts management
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Employee time clock
  • Marketing management
  • Customer loyalty program
  • Quickbooks integration


There are different pricing plans based on the requirement of the business.

The initial pack starting at $59 a month and increasing to $99 a month and additional charges for every additional feature taken.


  • Shop Boss software is a web-based auto repair software that helps workshops with their vehicle workflow management.
  • Features of Shop Boss Software
  • Web-based application
  • Digital Vehicle Inspection
  • Self Check-in
  • Estimates and Parts ordering
  • Payment integrations
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Paperless invoicing


$109.00per month $175.00per month $285.00per month
Unlimited Invoices/Estimates/Repair Orders per month All features of Silver Package plus… All Features of Gold Package plus…    
QB Integration – transfer invoices and payments Integrated MOTOR Labor Times FULL MOTOR Repair Guide with Labor Times, TSB’s and DTC’s, Repair Procedures with Images and Diagrams, Specifications for Passenger Cars and Light Duty Trucks and much more
Unlimited Text and EMail updates to customers Integrated Parts Ordering  
Full access to customer portal Digital Vehicle Inspections (DVI)  
Go Paperless – Electronic Signature Integrated Credit Card Processing through  
All support and upgrades included    


This is an on-premise repair software that helps in the various activities of the workshop.

FEATURES of the Auto Repair Boss Software

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Inventory Management
  • Invoicing
  • Data export
  • Customer database management
  • Accounting


The software starts from $ 90 a month for the basic version


Workshop software is needed to control and manage the activities of the workshop. While choosing software it is very important to know if the software caters to the needs of the business. The software can help to increase the efficiency of the resources by focusing more on customer satisfaction than on time-consuming tasks.

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The success of a rental business with car rental management software

The success of a rental business with car rental management software

Car rental management software provides the rental business with tools that help with the operations of the business.

What functions should the car rental management have?

  •              Inventory Management of Vehicles
  •              Vehicle maintenance at regular intervals
  •              Licensing, registration, MOT and tax
  •              Vehicle insurance including due dates and restrictions
  •              Cost management and analysis
  •              Vehicle disposal
  •              Driver license management, including special provisions
  •              Booking system for pool vehicles
  •              Accidents and fines, plus apportioning costs to drivers
  •              Telemetric
  •              Route planning
  •              Logbooks and work time
  •              Alerts

Advantages of using car rental management software

  • Control over drivers and vehicles
  • Less time spent on tracking the vehicles
  • Prevent delivery delays
  • Excellent reporting facility
  • Prevent unauthorized use of vehicles
  • Good customer support
  • Lessens the maintenance costs
  • Tracks vehicle maintenance
  • Payment due dates and follow-ups

Benefits of a car rental management software

Time management

Saves time on administering the drivers and mechanics. With the GPS tracking facility, the customer can identify where the vehicle is and the driver can locate the customers. All data related to maintenance, fuel and transport are monitored. All the manual tasks are automated hence it eventually saves time.

Vehicle management

Rental vehicles need to be maintained well to avoid downtime or breakdowns. The software has reminders which can be set for the maintenance dates and the rental owner is reminded when the dates are due.

Customer satisfaction

Since there are well-maintained vehicles and most of the manual tasks are automated the customer is satisfied that he does not have to wait long hours for service. A happy customer would always like to visit again and also refer new customers to the rental company.

Which software to Choose?

There is much software for rental business but there should be a software which not only maintains fleets but integrates with other operations like document management, Vehicle management, Billing and invoicing, Customer management and Accounting. Moiboo software has all the features in one platform. It is a software which is customized for your rental business.

Features of Moiboo software

  • Recurring invoices
  • Invoicing
  • Vehicle management
  • Document management
  • Vendor Management
  • Mobile App
  • Accounting
  • Digital agreement
  • Fleet Management


Car Rental Software is an answer to all the challenges faced by the rental agencies. From the day to day operations to fleet management tracking the platform provides very many capabilities.

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