Automotive workshop business is a very profitable business. It is very difficult to stay in competition with the other workshops. You need to keep your business updated so that the customers keep coming to the same workshop.

The business has to maintain itself even in slower periods so that the workshop is able to maintain the existing customers and attract new customers to the business.

How to keep your customers attracted to your Automotive Workshop business?

Having a good website is an effective and powerful form of digital marketing for your business. It generates more business for the workshop. It gives a positive impression on the workshop. People also like to do business with workshops that are familiar and have an established brand name. Once this is established word of mouth will be the most effortless form of marketing for the business.

There should be good software which handles the customers for you. Right from the time the customer makes an appointment for the repair or service work. The software should maintain all the customer details so that when he visits next time the workshop should already bring out details of what repairs were earlier done on the vehicle and any parts replaced etc. This builds a trust factor amongst the customers and they would also like to stick to the workshops they trust. The customer should also not have trouble waiting in long queues for getting an invoice or making a payment. With the online workshop software, all this is streamlined and automated and you have happy customers for your workshop.

Social media is another major factor that influences the customers to the workshop. If the customers google and try to find your workshop and it is not available then it is a loss for you. The website needs to be updated regularly. Use social media like Facebook, Twitter to promote your business. Keep them regularly updated with the latest developments in the repair industry and any additional specialized feature that your workshop has adopted. This adds like a boost to your business and helps in attracting more customers to your business.

Connect yourself with good car dealers who can refer their customers to you for repair or service or maintenance of their vehicles. This can help to increase the customers as the car dealers can refer new customers to the workshop.

You can hold seminars on new techniques of repair or new technology in vehicles to interested existing customers as an additional benefit to the customers. Free vehicle inspections can be conducted which can attract more customers. You can also come up with some discounts or gift coupons to regular customers to keep them happy.

Stay in touch with your customers regularly by sending SMS or emails with latest facilities or offers in the workshop. This helps in maintaining the workshop even during slow business periods.

The mechanics in the workshop should be constant. When a customer sees the same mechanic in the workshop a trust factor builds in the minds of the customer and he would like to visit the workshop and get his vehicle repaired from the same mechanic. SO it is also important to keep your mechanics satisfied. Simply by calling existing customers and informing them about special discounts can also increase and attract customers.

Customer Reviews


Happy customers can help in increasing the business of the automotive workshops. A happy customer would definitely refer the workshop to his friends or relatives and help in increasing the business.

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