Why should a repair shop have an automotive shop management software?

There are various activities that need to be performed in a workshop. The first and foremost challenge faced is the booking of appointments. The software helps in making the booking online which helps the workshop owner know how many vehicles have come into his workshop for repair and service.

Automotive shop management software

Then the owner prepares a job card assigning the task to a mechanic and also listing down the service activities that are to be performed on the vehicle. This helps to assign the vehicles to the mechanic and also ensure that the tasks required for the service are performed.

Most of the mechanic shops have a spare part shop also with them so that the mechanics don’t have to run around searching for spare parts during repair. The inventory management feature of the software helps to maintain stock of the spare parts and also helps the owner to plan his purchases.

Sometimes for certain big repairs, there might be an approval required from the customer. The customer can be sent an SMS with the estimate of the repair work and also asking if they can proceed with the repair. This approval can be sent via SMS/Emails rather than making irritating calls to the customer.

The job card feature helps to keep the mechanics on the check. Vehicles are assigned to the mechanics and the job card serves as a checklist to ensure that tasks have been completed.

The software helps to manage the mechanics. There might be some tasks which require more than one mechanic to work on it. The software helps the owner to know who are the mechanics available for the repair work and also assign the vehicles based on the availability and specialization of the mechanics.

Then comes the vehicle status alert. This is a proactive method of letting the customer know the status of the vehicle. He can collect the vehicle once he gets the status update from the repair shop.

After the service is done an invoice needs to be raised on the customer for the services rendered. There are templates available in the software that can be used to prepare the invoice. The invoice template can also be customized to suit the needs of the business.

Mechanics work for a commission. Only if the mechanic’s data is managed well can the commission calculation be done properly. The software helps in the commission calculation easily every month.

Every business would like to know its true cash flow position and also if the business is making profits or not. The software helps in recording all the expenses and receipts which helps to know the true cash position and the financial standing in the business. This facilitates the repair shop owner to plan his expenses and plan future activities and investments.

For all the above reasons having an automotive shop management software is required.

Which is the best Automotive shop Management software?

Moiboo software is one of the best Automotive shop management software which is customized to serve the workshop business. It does all the activities from job card management, vehicle management, mechanic management, Invoicing, Inventory management and Accounting. IT might so happen that the owner might use different software for different purposes. For eg: He might use accounting software but also use different software for job card. In Moiboo software you have all the features of the workshop integrated into one software.

Features of the Moiboo software

  • Job card
  • Invoicing
  • Customer approval
  • Mechanic management
  • Vehicle Management
  • Consumable management
  • Vehicle status alert
  • Mobile App
  • Purchase management
  • Document Management
  • Accounting

Moiboo software has all the features that are needed to run the workshop effectively.


Only if a customer is happy and satisfied will refer new customers to your workshop and also come back to you for service. This becomes important to manage appointments, customers data, send invoices, track payments etc to maintain the smooth functioning of the workshop.

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