How does it benefit your business?

Workshop Management software

The automotive Workshop management software benefits the business by

  1. Saving money
  2. Saving time
  3. Concentrate more on customer service

What are the advantages of using the automotive workshop management software

Customer database management

The software helps to create, store and manage the customers and suppliers data. The data is updated in the database and can be retrieved at any time.

Vehicle management

The software helps to quickly enter the details of the vehicles that have come for repair. This helps in preparing job cards with ease. Also, next time when the customer revisits, any past records can be called for and it becomes easy for the mechanic to handle the vehicle and the customer.


The workshops usually have spare parts shop along with their workshop. The inventory management feature lets you know which spare part is in stock, which has been sold out. This helps to plan the purchases.

Online application

The software is a cloud-based online software so there is no necessity to spend on costly hardware. No investment needs to be made on expensive hardware.

Support & Training

Support and training can be given online since the software is cloud-based.


The software can provide many customized reports which can help the owner in making important decisions for his business.


The billing, invoicing, payment tracking activities are performed by the software. The payments and receipts are recorded and the software has reminders that can be set for payments that are going to be due.

How Moiboo software is the best choice

Moiboo is an advanced automotive workshop management software that helps the workshop owner to concentrate more on his repair and service work rather than spending time on day to day operational activities.

Moiboo software has features that are customized for the workshop business. The job cards can be managed which helps in assigning tasks to the mechanics and also ensures that the checklist for the job has been completed.

The mechanic management, document management, vehicle management, appointments management are all handled by the software.

The software helps to maintain a good rapport with the customers by sending them automatic reminders through SMS/ Emails for the due payments or service reminders. This creates faith and trust amongst the customers and makes sure they come back to your workshop only for service and also refer new customers to the workshop.

The Automotive workshop management software integrates all the features of various software into one platform. For example, the workshop owner might use one software for accounting and different software for job card and different for billing. The Moiboo software has all the features integrated into one software.

Paperwork is eradicated and streamlined integrated accounting software is introduced to prepare invoices.  The data prepared will be accurate and up to date and also gives a more professional look to the invoices. The Invoices can be sent to the customers through SMS/Emails/Whatsapp.

Moiboo software has a mobile App which helps the owner to access his business from his Mobile, Ipads or Tabs. The mechanics, accountants, owner and staff can all access the software at the same time.

Features in a nutshell

  • Job card
  • Invoicing
  • Customer approval
  • Mechanic management
  • Vehicle Management
  • Consumable management
  • Vehicle status alert
  • Mobile App
  • Purchase management
  • Document Management
  • Accounting


Moiboo software is a one-stop solution for all your workshop needs. It has all the features that are required to run the operations of the workshop smoothly.

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