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The following steps to start an automobile workshop in Singapore. Singapore is the best place for business in the World. It has a business-oriented environment and the procedures are very straight forward and the government agencies are very responsive. A workshop is a place where all your vehicles are repaired and serviced. If an existing workshop is purchased it becomes easy as there are customers already available and the equipment so investment on equipment need not be made.

The main factors to be dealt with while starting a workshop are

1. Obtaining the property

The first step is to identify the right location that is the place where you want to open the workshop. It should not be in a deserted place where there is no population. So the right location needs to be identified

2. Know the startup costs

You need to identify the cost that you would require for setting up the workshop. A business plan needs to be created with the projected cost for location, equipment, staff, spare parts investment if the workshop is setting a spare part store alongside. The funds to acquire can be obtained from financial institutions or banks.

3. Specializations

While most of the workshops offer normal services your workshop can offer niche repairs which no other workshop is offering. The repairs can be specific to a certain manufacturer or brand. This might help in making a name in the market but you might lose out other customers.

4. Legal advice

A business license needs to be obtained for running the business. The rules and regulations need to be followed. Presales steps as prescribed by the law needs to be followed.

5. Hiring the right employee

The main success of the workshop depends on its mechanics. Mechanics should have good knowledge of the vehicles and also the mechanics should be able to interpret the problem showcased by the customer. The service provided by the mechanics is the prime factor in the growth of the workshop. A satisfied customer will revisit the workshop since he has a built in trust factor with the mechanic. He will also refer his friends and relatives to the workshop.

6. Market your business

Good advertising can help to increase the customers to the workshop. Fulfillment of promises as mentioned in your ad will keep the customers coming back again and again. Schedule a grand opening so that locals can visit your shop. Advertise special discounts and offers to draw the attention of the people.

7. Certifications

Certification builds a trust value to the workshop where the customers get the feeling that the mechanics and owner know what they are doing.  There are certain criteria for getting the certification done. If you fit in you can certify which adds on as a marketing tool for the business.

8. Automation software

The final step is obtaining good automation software for your business. The software should be customized for the workshop business. It should have all the features required to run the operations of the workshop. The main reason for having the software is to reduce the admin time taken for day to day activities of the workshop. The employees can focus more on customer service than wasting their time on admin related work. The workshop software should have the following features ;

  • Job card management
  • Vehicle management
  • Mechanic Management
  • Customer Approval
  • Invoicing
  • Inventory management
  • Document management
  • Commission calculation
  • Accounting
  • Mobile App.

9. Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the most important factor in the growth of the workshop business. The customer service is based on two factors Service quality and product quality. The service quality is based on how the customers are treated from the time they enter the workshop till the time they take delivery of the vehicle. Product quality refers to the satisfaction of the customer with the service done on his vehicle. If his needs are met in the workshop is product quality.


Workshop business can be a very successful business if all the above factors are considered and adhered to. The future of the workshop depends on good automation software and the right mechanics and focused more on customer satisfaction.

Hope the above points useful to you for starting an automobile workshop in in Singapore.

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