Workshop software is used to control and manage all the activities of the workshop. It is a single solution for all the workshop needs. The workshop software streamlines and automates all the operations of the workshop and helps the owner to concentrate on more important tasks like customer satisfaction this, in turn, reflects on his business and he is able to increase his business and stay ahead in the competition

Workshop Software

How does workshop Software Influence the Business?

Improve Scheduling

The workshop software helps in the proper scheduling of the resources. The appointments for the repair and maintenance work can be scheduled properly. The owner can find out the number of appointments. The workshop might have a spare part shop associated with it.

It is important to ensure that you are not running out of stock. Having more unwanted stock can prove to be very costly. Understanding how the stock is used and replenished is facilitated by proper scheduling.

The Following are the Points to be Maintained by Proper Scheduling

  1. Appointments
  2. Mechanic management
  3. Inventory management

Improve Staff Planning

People are the most important resource in the workshop. You need to have efficient technicians to run your business. Improving staff planning does not just imply that the staff present are efficient technicians. You also need to maintain standard procedures like keeping their leaves and providing commissions at the right time. This will ensure that the technicians stick to their job and also do their best.

Proper scheduling of the machine ensures that all the mechanics are treated fair. There might be some cases where more than one mechanic needs to be assigned to a particular repair job. In these scenarios with proper scheduling, you can identify the mechanics to be appointed for the task.

Improved Job Card Management

An accurate job starts with an accurate repair order. The mechanics can perform efficiently if they can understand what repair work is to be done to which vehicle. When creating job cards, you should also take steps to ensure that all the information required is easily available.

If a technician is not able to easily view or understand job requirements, it could result in increased job times and costs, reduced compliance, and much more.

Improve Visibility

You need to have a solid overview of everything from service histories, maintenance schedules, parts inventory, and warranty coverage to workshop equipment, technicians (and their capabilities), and vehicles. assess how your processes could be improved.

Time is money so the longer team members spend looking for items, the more costly jobs become. Once you understand where improvements could be made, you can take steps to fix problems and resolve issues.

How Does Software Help to Improve Efficiency?

Managing and monitoring workshop activities are made easier with the workshop software. The improved feature of maintenance schedules and technician availability helps to increase workshop productivity. Moiboo software is one solution for all your workshop needs. All your operations can be streamlined and automated with this software.

Want to know more

Moiboo is a cloud-based workshop software that serves as a one-stop solution for all your automobile needs.

Since it is cloud-based the charges of costly hardware are eliminated. It has a lot of features that can help in improving your business and also optimizing efficiency by making the best use of the resources.

The Features of the Moiboo Software are

1. Job cards
2. Invoicing
3. Customer approval
4. Mechanic Management
5. Consumable Management
6. Purchase management
7. Vehicle status alert
8. Document management
9. Mobile App10. Accounting

Job Cards

Raises job cards for every job you undertake. Helps in assigning vehicles to mechanics. Picture of vehicles can be assigned to the job card. Helps in planning and controlling consumables and creating a checklist for the job.


Since Moiboo is cloud-based, the mechanics can view their jobs online. Upon completion of the job, the job completion status can be updated online. The invoice to customers can be sent to the customers immediately after the job is done. Invoices need not be printed, it can be sent to the customer through SMS/WhatsApp. This helps in saving time and paper.

Customer Approval

Approvals from the customers on the job can be obtained instantly. The mechanic need not wait for approval from the customer or make annoying calls to him for approval.

Mechanic Management

Moiboo software provides job cards that enable vehicles to be assigned to the mechanics. They do not have to wait for the job to be assigned. Since it is cloud-based, the mechanic can check his job assigned in the system itself.

Vehicle Status Alert

The workshop owner can update the status of the vehicle to the customer through SMS/WhatsApp using automotive workshop software.

It is easy for the customer to know if he can come and pick up the vehicle after repairs.

Consumables Management

Moiboo software helps in saving the waste of Inventory. Prefix the required consumables for every job and Print Store Requests.

Purchase Management

Make informed purchases based on what is selling. Helps you reduce non-moving stock purchases.

Document Management

Attach pictures, Insurance, and other documents to every invoice on the cloud. Never miss a document again.

Mobile App

Be updated on the work being done on your mobile app. Helps you control your business from anywhere.

Commission Calculation

Calculate commissions for mechanics automatically with pre-defined details. Save time at the month-end.


Create vouchers for payments and expenses. See the Profitability of Business.

Automate your Business, Connect all your branches, and Control it from anywhere, anytime using the Moiboo workshop software.

Workshop Software

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Why is Managing a workshop Important?

As a result, workshop leaders and service advisors may more effectively assign tasks to one another, keep track of who is doing what, and evaluate employee performance. This results in time savings and a better organized and productive workday.

What Advantages does using Workshop Software Offer?

Using workshop software has several advantages, including enhanced productivity and efficiency, simpler processes, better service to clients, accurate record-keeping, fewer administrative duties, and higher profitability.

What does “workshop management” mean?

Managing a workshop’s daily activities, including scheduling, planning, and directing the work of mechanics, staff members, and other staff members, is known as workshop management.

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