Auto repair shop service

If you enjoy working with automobiles then starting an auto repair shop service centre business is the apt solution. Most people have cars which are a few years old and need servicing. This infers that there is a need for repair shops in the rise. Starting your own repair shop can give you full control over your own hours and allow you to reap the benefits of the business.

What are the steps to start an auto repair shop service centre?

1. Designing a business plan

 The first step in starting a repair shop business is building a business plan. You need to plan if you want to open a specialized. How many cars can be repaired in one day and how many mechanics are needed to work on cars? The business plan helps to decide the investment required to run the business from the equipment cost, Mechanics remuneration and workshop cost etc.

2.Identifying the potential locations

Locations that are convenient to either the highway or main road access. Leasing a workshop might work out cheaper than buying the building. If your shop is isolated no one will come to your workshop. The location should be able to accommodate an office to take care of the administrative needs and a waiting room to accommodate the customers.

 3. Determine your equipment needs

The cost of the equipment will be the major cost of starting the workshop. You can either rent the equipment or buy it outright.


The next step is to identify the sources from which the funds will be obtained. You can apply for a business loan from a bank or from Financial institutions. Family members can also fund into your business. 

5. Define your selling point

 The selling point for your business needs to be identified, the customers should know why to choose the workshop. Why choose your business amongst the competitors. 

6. Obtain the license

Check the license that needs to be obtained for the business in that particular state. Fill out the required application form, provide the required documents, pay the fees required for processing the application.

7. Fullfil your administrative needs

You need to have the staff to take care of the administrative needs. An accountant is required to manage the bookkeeping system. 

8. Marketing

Print eye-catching flyers where a lot of people can see the details of the workshop displayed. Have a grand opening and invite the locals to build a rapport. Offer some discounts and rewards for initial customers. You can also consider advertising on TV or Radio.

9. Integrate with car dealerships

 The workshop can integrate with car dealers so that the car dealers can refer the workshop for the maintenance and repair of the vehicles. In return, you can refer the car dealer to your customers.

10. Automation software

The final step would be considering the right automation software for the workshop to maintain the day to day activities of the workshop. This helps in reducing the time taken to carry out the time-consuming activities and focusing more on customer repairs and customer satisfaction.


In addition to the above the mechanics can also get themselves certified to build more trust in the mechanics and the workshop. The auto repair shop service centre is a very profitable business provided all the above mentioned are handled well.

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