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If you wish to start a retail business in the automobile field then the spare part business is the right choice. It is a very profitable business if run in the right direction. Below details for automotive parts catalogue software.

What are the different ways of opening a spare part business?

Spare part business can be opened as a retail store, the only criteria being opening it in the right location

The second would be having a spare part shop along with the workshop which easily enables the workshop owner to obtain spares for their repair work.

The third model would be an online store where the customer can view the products that are available and select from them.

The last type being a franchise.

What are the steps to start a spare part business?

  • Create a business plan to ascertain the initial investment required for the business
  • Conduct market research to understand the competition for the business.
  • Understand the business well so that you have knowledge of advising the customers as to what product to choose and what not to choose
  • Calculating the startup capital
  • Finding a suitable location for the business if you are opting for retail.
  • Licensing and registration as per the law.
  • Procuring the spare parts
  • Setting up the store
  • Hiring the right salesman

What is automotive parts catalogue software?

Every industry faces challenges and spare parts business is no exception. The main hindrances in a spare part business are aftermarket sales, Spare part differentiation and spare part management. Automotive parts catalogue software helps in overcoming these challenges. 

Challenges faced by spare part business dealers

The first and foremost task for the spare part dealer is updating his stock which is a costly and time-consuming task. 

If the manual process is involved it becomes difficult in ordering the right spare part as every spare part has a unique identification number. If that number is incorrect the spare part delivered will also be wrong.

Manually maintaining the sale and purchase of spare part is very time-consuming. Also, the space involved in storing these stock is very expensive.

Advantages of using the Automotive spare part catalogue software

  • The classification of spare parts is automated with ease and accuracy
  • Warranty cost can be minimized and profitability can be increased
  • The availability of stock can be easily monitored
  • No over the purchase of stock is done
  • Also stock is readily available when needed.

Which software to choose

There is multiple software available for the spare part business but a software that has all the features integrated under one solution is the Moiboo software. Moiboo software is the ideal choice as the reports generated from the software like the stock register gives a report day-wise and brand wise. The classification of products using the barcode feature also makes the process of managing the spares easy. It is one of the best automotive aftermarket software for automobile business.

Features of Moiboo software

  • Barcoding
  • Billing
  • Warehouse
  • Purchase management
  • Document management
  • Mobile App
  • Accounting¬†
  • Inventory


Automotive spare part catalogue software helps to automate the spare part business by managing the inventory, movement of goods and also barcoding.

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