Car rental Booking software

Car rental booking software offers enhanced features to run all types of vehicle rental companies. It can manage an unlimited number of vehicles. It has features like fleet utilization, dashboard lookup for the status of the vehicle, payment gateways integration and flexible rate management. Car rental booking is a cloud-based software which can manage multiple locations using a simple internet connection. The clients can visit the website and reserve the vehicle of their choice. It gives the clients an instant view of available rates and instant booking confirmation is also given to the customer.

Advantages of using car rental booking software

1. The customers can easily book the vehicles online and the rental agency can keep a track of the bookings and reservations.

2. Payment gateway integrations help the customer to easily check-in and check out of the customers.

3. Digital agreements can be prepared between the rental agency and the customer. This helps in saving both time and paper.

4. It helps to keep a track of the booking so that the rental agency is made aware if there are any over bookings.

5. Rental agencies should keep their vehicles well maintained to avoid any mishaps to the customers during the rental period. The customer should not face any downtime because of vehicle maintenance.

6. All the necessary information regarding the customer and the vehicle can be maintained in the software. Any information can be retrieved as and when required.

7. The driver’s payments are easily calculated from the logbooks maintained.

8. The GPS facility in the software helps the driver to identify the location of the customer and the customer can also track the vehicle and the driver’s location.

9. The payment to the rental agency may be short term or long term based on the duration of the rental period. The accounting feature in the software helps to record the payments and expenses.

10. The true financial position of the business is easily found out. The cash flow position helps the rental agency to plan future investments.

11. The car rental booking software comes with the mobile App feature which helps the agency to access its business from anywhere. The rental owner can have control of his business from anywhere.

Why Moiboo is the right choice?

Moiboo software is the right choice as it has all the features required by a rental agency in one solution. It can control and manage all the activities of the rental agency. Moiboo software can automate and streamline all the activities of the car rental agency.

Features of the Moiboo software

  • Recurring invoices
  • Invoices
  • Vehicle Management
  • Vendor management
  • Document management
  • Mobile App
  • Accounting
  • Digital agreement
  • Fleet management


Car rental booking software should be user-friendly and easy to use which should be such that even a lame person should be able to use the software. When the customer is satisfied with the services of the rental agency they will refer more customers to the business and thereby increase the traffic to the business.

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