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What features should a used car sales software have?

The software should first of all be easy to use. It should be so user-friendly that even a lame person can use the software easily.

The support offered by the software also plays a huge role. The training and support for the software should be efficient.

The software should be suitable for the car dealership business. It must have features that are relevant to the business.

It must eliminate mundane tasks. The software must be capable of taking over the time-consuming tasks and replacing them with the software. Thereby saving time and money

The software must have a mobile application so that the team is not tied to the desk. The tasks should be performed anywhere and anytime.

Why do you need to used car sales software

If your car dealership business has more than one location it becomes a difficult task to co-ordinate the activities of the two different locations. The data such as customer information, car servicing and sales information etc needs to be maintained and shared. Cloud-Based software helps to bring in the co-ordination between the two branches.

Car dealership business involves maintenance of vehicles in a large number. The vehicles are stocked in the showroom. Keeping a track of the vehicle inventory can be made easy with the help of the software.  All you have to do is update your inventory when you receive new or used cars.

The software reduces paperwork and mundane tasks and helps the dealer focus more on his sales than on time-consuming tasks that can be taken over by the software

The software helps to create custom forms with the report builder feature, which helps to personalize the reports based on your requirement by adding or deleting fields.

The receipts and payments of the business need to be recorded. The commissions need to be calculated for the salesmen. Flooring credit transactions need to be entered. All this can be done with the help of the accounting feature of the software. The software should have payment tracking feature to initiate SMS reminders when the payment is due. The reminders option can also be used for service due to dates reminders. This ensures that no dates are missed.

The software is needed to integrate all the activities of the business. What if your sales team is using completely different software than the marketing guys or any other department. It becomes difficult to join the transactions or bring the data together. This is when an integrated software that is customized for the car dealership business is required.

There is a lot of paperwork involved in a car dealership business. The first and foremost being the preparation of agreements between the buyer and the seller. The software should be able to make digital agreements and also get the documents signed digitally. This will help in reducing paperwork and errors. Also, all the documents pertaining to the vehicle from insurance copies, service due dates and other relevant information can all be stored in one place.

Which is the best software available?

Moiboo software is one cloud-based software that is customized for the car dealership business. It has all the features that are needed by the car dealership business. It helps in streamlining and automating most of the tasks in the business and helps the owner focus more on sales and customer satisfaction.

Features of Moiboo software

  • Digital agreements
  • Invoicing
  • Consignments
  • Profit per car
  • Multi-currency
  • Vehicle management
  • Purchases
  • Document management
  • Mobile App
  • Accounting
  • Commission calculation
  • Floor credit management


Having the right software to automate the operational tasks in the business saves a lot of time and manual labour. The chances of errors are also minimized. Moiboo software is the right choice for the car dealership business.

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