A contractor business is one wherein the person or company works on a contractual basis with different clients on different projects. so every contractor business should have the software to easily plan their project and save time.

contractor business software in singapore

Contractor Business software is needed for the following reasons

  1. To easily plan projects
  2. Tracking project evolution when it comes to cost
  3. Scheduling and Time management
  4. Resource allocation
  5. Keeping real-time checks of the allocated budgets
  6. Communication and Collaboration
  7. Easily get document requirements

List Of 8 Contractor Business Software in Singapore

1. Moiboo Software

Moiboo Contractor business software in Singapore
Moiboo Contractor Software
NameMoiboo software
Contact+65 98951817

Moiboo is a Contractor software that is ideal for Airconditioning contractors, Furnishing Contractors, and Building Contractors to automate your entire business and provides you with a platform to grow your business faster with complete control as you scale. Moiboo is a pre-approved vendor for PSG Government Grants so your purchase would be funded up to 50% of the cost.

2. Hashmicro

NameHashmicro software
Contact+65 8777 6207
Source: www.hashmicro.com

Hashmicro helps to maximize the efficiency of the contractor business with high levels of accuracy.

3. Synergix Technologies

NameSynergix Technologies
Contact+65 6664 3030
Source: www.synergixtech.com

Synergix Technologies is a cloud-based ERP software that manages and monitors the entire status of each and every contract through a WEB-based ERP system.

4. Netsense Business Solutions

NameNetsense Business Solutions
Contact+65 6681 6504
Source: www.netsensebs.com

Project cost tracking can be integrated with Netsense. It gives timely access to documents related to specific projects, allowing you to monitor and record all activities and expenses.

5. Viewpoint

NameViewpoint Software
Contact+0800 048 8152
Source: www.viewpoint.com

Viewpoint software provides visibility into projects and helps contractors of any size to build better projects.

6. Tigernix Software

NameTigernix Software
Contact+65 6760 6647
Source: www.tigernix.com

Tigernix software is a customizable project management software that helps in Customer Relationship Management software, Project Finance and Account Management, Project Human Resource Management, Inventory Management, Purchase Management, Budgeting Management, Costing Management and Estimation, and Document Management.

7. Odoo

NameOdoo Software
Source: www.odoo.com

Odoo helps you plan ahead for upcoming projects with forecasts based on comparable projects and estimate deadlines more accurately. Allocation of resources can be done more effectively.

8. Xero

NameXero Software
Source: www.xero.com

Xero Software helps to build your contractor business. It helps in time

Tracking, inventory management and invoice clients and pay

Subcontractors faster with online invoicing.


Contractor management software can be used in any kind of business where you need to fix up projects together with tasks within those projects. The software helps to split up projects into separate tasks, analyze productivity, create timelines, and communicate between team members.

If you are looking for contractor business software for your business we recommend you to try our moiboo Contractor software to automate your business end-to-end., click here for the free demo or Please feel free to call for more details: +65 9895 1817


How do I organize my contractor business?

Organizing your contractor business involves several key steps Choosing a business structure, Registering your business, Getting insurance, Setting up accounting and bookkeeping, Developing a marketing strategy, Hiring employees or subcontractors, Maintain good communication with clients.
Overall, organizing your contractor business involves a lot of planning and preparation. By following these steps and seeking advice from professionals where needed, you can set yourself up for success.

What is subcontractor software?

Subcontractor software is a type of software designed to help contractors manage their subcontractors and their work on a project. It provides a centralized platform for tracking and managing subcontractor information, such as contact details, certifications, and qualifications. Subcontractor software can also help contractors manage subcontractor assignments, track project progress, and handle billing and invoicing, and it can help contractors save time.

How to choose contractor business software in Singapore?

Choosing contractor software involves several key considerations. Here are some suggestions to help you make an informed decision Identify your specific needs, Research available options, Evaluate features, Consider pricing and budget, Check for support and training, Look for scalability, and Check for security and compliance.
By following these steps and seeking advice from industry experts, you can select the right software package to help your contractor’s business thrive.

How much does contractor business software cost in Singapore?

The cost of contractor software in Singapore can vary depending on the specific software package and the needs of the contractor business. The cost of contractor software in Singapore can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars per year, depending on the specific software package and pricing model.