PSG covers retail, food, logistics, engineering, construction, and landscaping industries. Let’s see about PSG-approved software in Singapore.

PSG-approved Software

What is Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG)?

PSG ( Productivity Solutions Grant) is a grant that supports companies who want to adopt IT solutions and equipment to enhance their business process.

Eligibility Criteria PSG-Approved Software

1. Registered and operating in Singapore

2. Purchase/lease/subscription of the IT equipment must be used in Singapore   

3. Having a minimum of 30 percent of local shareholding or less than 200 Employees.

How to Apply

1. Visit the GObusiness Gov Assist website to access the list of PSG-approved solutions

2. Get the quote from the desired vendor

3. log in to the Business Portal with the Corpass Id and submit the claim

4. If any queries arise, the IMDA will raise the queries and send them to the registered email address.

5. It takes about 6 to 8 weeks for the claims to be approved.

6. The letter of approval will be sent to the registered email address.

List of 8 PSG-Approved Software Vendors in Singapore

1. Moiboo Software

Moiboo is an approved vendor for PSG Government Grants, allowing you to receive funding for up to 50% of the PSG-approved software cost. By choosing Moiboo, you can streamline and automate your entire business operations, empowering you to accelerate growth while maintaining full control as your business scales.

Moiboo Software
NameMoiboo Software
Contact+65 98951817
ServicesRetail, Automobile, manufacturing&distribution, Services

2. Eisol Pte Ltd

NameEisol Pte Ltd
Contact+65 6681 6538
ServicesRetail, F&B, Salon& Spa

3. Amaxpos System Services

NameAmaxpos POS system
Contact+65 67454233
ServicesRetail, F&B, Salon& Spa

4. AZ Digital Pte Ltd

NameAZ Digital Pte Ltd
Contact+65 67451147
ServicesRetail, F&B

5. Coobiz IT Solutions Pte Ltd

NameCoobiz Pte Ltd
ServicesRetail, Salon & Spa

6. EPOS Pte Ltd

NameEPOS Pte Ltd
Contact+65 6871 8833
ServicesRetail, Automobile, manufacturing&distribution, Services

7. Edgeworks Pte Ltd

NameEdgeworks Pte Ltd
Contact+65 6750 4498
ServicesRetail,F&B, Wholesaler, Beauty&Salon

8. Weebo

Contact+65 6850 5177
ServicesRetail,F&B, Services,Events


Many companies have become dependent on the PSG grant for resuming their businesses and adapting to technological changes. PSG grants have been proven to be a big boon to companies as it gives them an opportunity to enhance their business activities and adapt to the latest trends in the digital world.

Moiboo Software

If your business is in search of PSG Grant pre-approved Automation software, we recommend considering Moiboo automation business software. It provides a holistic solution for automating all aspects of your business operations. To discover the extensive capabilities of Moiboo, we welcome you to request a free demo. For any inquiries or additional information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at +65 9895 1817.

NOTE: Please note that this list may not be current or exhaustive. I recommend referring to the official PSG website or contacting the relevant authorities for the most up-to-date and accurate information on PSG-approved software in Singapore.


What are the PSG grant’s advantages?

The Advantages of Productivity Solutions

1. Ordering and paying online or digitally.
2. Reserving online.
3. Queue management for B2B marketplaces and e-procurement.
4. Management of customer relationships and e-Loyalty.
5. For general food services and equipment

What does PSG grant Singapore mean?

With the aid of IT equipment and solutions, the PSG assists Singaporean businesses in increasing productivity and automating current procedures.

How long is a PSG grant?

Applications for the PSG Internet marketing award are processed in roughly 6 weeks after receiving the necessary documentation. Companies are highly advised to send in their applications early to allow for an application outcome and/or necessary processing time.

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