Car auction platforms have become increasingly popular among car dealers in Singapore, offering a convenient and efficient way to buy and sell vehicles. These platforms provide access to a wide range of used cars, luxury vehicles, commercial vehicles, and more.

In this blog, we will explore car auction platforms available for car dealers in Singapore. From established platforms to emerging players, this guide aims to provide valuable insights into the options available for car dealerships looking to participate in auctions and expand their inventory.

Car Auction Platform

SgCarMart Quotz (

sgCarMart Quotz is a well-known online car auction platform in Singapore. It connects car dealers, individuals, and businesses looking to buy or sell vehicles. With a diverse inventory of used cars, luxury vehicles, and commercial vehicles, Quotz offers an extensive selection for dealers to choose from.

The platform provides detailed vehicle information, allowing dealers to make informed decisions during the bidding process. sgCarMart Quotz offers a user-friendly interface, secure transactions, and efficient logistics support.

Carro Auction (

Carro Auction is a digital car marketplace that includes an auction feature. It provides car dealers with a wide range of pre-owned vehicles to bid on, including sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs, and more. Carro Auction offers transparent vehicle information, comprehensive inspection reports, and a user-friendly bidding process.

The platform aims to simplify the buying and selling experience, providing dealers with detailed vehicle histories, pricing guidance, and financing options. Carro Auction ensures a secure and efficient transaction process, supporting car dealers throughout the auction journey.

Pickles Auctions (

Pickles Auctions is a reputable auction platform with a strong presence in Singapore. It conducts regular vehicle auctions catering to car dealers and buyers. The platform offers a diverse inventory, including passenger cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, and more.

Pickles Auctions focuses on providing a seamless auction experience, offering detailed vehicle descriptions, inspection reports, and comprehensive bidding processes. The platform’s user-friendly interface and trusted reputation make it a popular choice for car dealers looking to buy or sell vehicles in Singapore.

CarTimes Auto Auction (

CarTimes Auto Auction is a specialized car auction platform in Singapore, primarily focusing on luxury and high-end vehicles. It curates a selection of pre-owned luxury cars for dealers to bid on, offering a unique opportunity to access premium vehicles.

CarTimes Auto Auction provides transparent vehicle information, including detailed specifications and condition reports. The platform’s seamless auction process ensures a secure and hassle-free experience for dealers. CarTimes Auto Auction aims to connect buyers and sellers of luxury vehicles, catering to the discerning needs of car dealerships in Singapore.

Motorist (

Motorist is an online car marketplace in Singapore that features an auction section, allowing car dealers to participate in bidding for pre-owned vehicles. The platform offers a diverse inventory, including sedans, SUVs, commercial vehicles, and more.

Motorist provides comprehensive vehicle details, including photos, specifications, and pricing information. Car dealers can access transparent bidding processes, enabling them to make informed decisions during auctions. With a user-friendly interface and a focus on customer satisfaction, Motorist ensures a seamless auction experience for car dealers in Singapore.

Carz World Auction (

Carz World Auction is an online platform that allows car dealers to bid on a wide range of used cars. The platform offers a diverse inventory, including popular brands and models, catering to the needs of various dealerships. Carz World Auction provides competitive bidding options and ensures a transparent auction process.

With detailed vehicle information and reliable support services, the platform enables dealers to participate in auctions with confidence. Carz World Auction aims to simplify the car buying and selling process for dealers, offering a seamless digital platform for transactions.

OneShift (

OneShift is an automotive website in Singapore that includes an auction section for car dealers. It features auctions for both used and parallel imported vehicles, providing a wide variety of options. OneShift offers a user-friendly interface and convenient bidding processes, allowing car dealers to participate in auctions effortlessly.

The platform provides comprehensive vehicle information, including specifications and pricing guidance. OneShift facilitates secure transactions, ensuring a reliable auction experience for car dealers in Singapore.


Car auction platforms offer car dealers in Singapore the opportunity to buy and sell vehicles efficiently. The seven platforms mentioned in this blog provide a range of options, catering to various needs and preferences. Whether dealers are looking for used cars, luxury vehicles, or commercial vehicles, these platforms offer diverse inventories and user-friendly interfaces.

With transparent bidding processes, detailed vehicle information, and secure transactions, these auction platforms are designed to enhance the auction experience for car dealerships. By exploring these platforms, car dealers in Singapore can expand their inventory and find new opportunities in the dynamic automotive market.

Car Auction Platform

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Car Auction Platform


What are car auction platforms, and how do they work for car dealers?

Car auction platforms are online marketplaces that facilitate the buying and selling of vehicles through auctions. They provide a digital platform where car dealers can browse and bid on a wide range of vehicles, including used cars, luxury cars, commercial vehicles, and more. Car dealers can participate in auctions by placing bids on vehicles they are interested in, and the highest bidder at the end of the auction period wins the vehicle.

These platforms often provide detailed information about the vehicles, such as vehicle history reports and inspection records, to help dealers make informed bidding decisions. Once a dealer wins an auction, they can proceed with the purchase and arrange for payment and vehicle delivery as per the platform’s guidelines.

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