Car Rental Reservation Software

The car rental business has been picking up from 2017 in Singapore. Car rentals are usually opted by people who are traveling or by those whose vehicles have been given on repair or those vehicles which are pending for insurance claims. 

What are the services offered by a rental company?

  1. Daily rentals usually opted by people who are traveling that is individuals
  2. Long term rentals which are opted by corporate companies
  3. Insurance of various types
  4. Towing services in case of accidents or any other events.

Advantages of using car rental reservation software?

The car rental reservation software provides the business with the following advantages;

The software helps a lot in managing the daily activities of the rental business. It provides an easy access to the online reservations and bookings of vehicles according to the requirement of the customer. The customers can get the information of the vehicles that are available for rent along with the prices which helps them make their choice conveniently. 

The car rental reservation software has its integration with payment gateways which allows the customers to easily make payments online.

The car rental reservation helps to manage the vehicles and keep track of the vehicles that have gone on rent and those which are available for further rentals.

All the customer data and documents can be stored in one place in the software. Any data of the customer can be retrieved at any point of time.

The billing and invoicing of the business can be recorded. The receipts and payments can be recorded and this helps in finding the true cash position of the business. This helps the rental owner to make decisions on future investments.

The software helps to manage sales. The customers can easily make their bookings instead of manually visiting the rental agency and book the vehicles of their choice. The software shows all the vehicles that are rented and in the park at the agency in a single dashboard. It is easy to manage sales and grow the business.

The car rental reservation software helps to let the owner know if the vehicles are completely booked if there are any days when the vehicles are overbooked and it also helps to track the drivers required for the travel. 

What are the features required in a car rental reservation software?

  • Bookings can be done at a single click
  • The sold-out day’s management to be done
  • The software should print reports and vouchers
  • There should a login separately for the agents and the customers
  • The software should hold discounts for recurring customers
  • Quotes preparation to be done easily
  • Multi-user access to be provided
  • Website holds all the data of the vehicles with pricing
  • Rental options ie, rental daily or weekly or monthly
  • Integration with payment gateways.
  • Mobile App to help the rental owner access the business from anywhere.

Which software to choose?

Moiboo software is a car rental reservation software that has all the features in one platform. It has all the features needed by a rental company to make the business easy.

Features of Moiboo software

  • Recurring invoices
  • Invoicing
  • Vehicle Management
  • Vendor management
  • Document management
  • Mobile App
  • Accounting
  • Digital agreements
  • Fleet management


The car rental reservation software helps in handling the bookings, managing the customers and sends the confirmation to the customers on the bookings through SMS.

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