Car rental management software has come as a big help to the rental agencies. It gives the a successful system to handle the business activities of the rental business. The car rental business needs a strong online booking system to meet the specific needs of the car rental business. The customer can make his reservations using the online booking system and choose the vehicle of his choice from the website at the desired time.

Car rental management software

Car rental companies usually offer services like daily rentals or long term rentals for corporate companies and towing services. IN the case of long term rentals, it is possible that the same customer approaches the agency. In this case of corporate bookings, the rentals need to be renewed When the services are renewed, recurring invoices are raised on the customer.

In the competitive business scenarios the car rental agency would look for approaches that will help in increasing their customers and also reduce the cost. The car rental management software answers both the needs.  There will be lot of customers throughout who would like to make their bookings. The software helps in this issue. The customers can book the vehicle of their choice from the online booking feature. The online booking feature is customised in such a way that it displays only vehicles that are available at the time of booking.

Importance of Car rental Management software

  1. The software should be convenient to use both for the rental agency and the customers. The customers should find the website features easy to use.  The customer should easily find out what he wants and also be able to block his choice of vehicle at the required time without any problems.
  2. Only authenticated users should access the website. The integration is made with secured payment gateways so the customer data is secure.
  3. The vehicles in the rental business should be maintained well. The customer should not have any breakdown vehicle issues when he takes it on rent. The software has reminders set in the software which helps to keep the vehicle properly maintained as the service due dates are not missed.
  4. The tracking system of the software is very strong, the customer is able to track the drivers location and the whereabouts of the vehicle and the driver in turn is able to find out the location of the customer.
  5. All the data pertaining to the transaction like vehicle details and documents, Insurance documents, agreements for the rent etc can be stored together in one place.
  6. The software helps in maintaining the receipts and payments and gives the accurate financial position of the agency.
  7. The dashboard feature of the software helps to know the vehicles that have been leased out and those which are available for rent.
  8. Inventory management becomes difficult as business grows. It cannot be done manually the inventory management feature helps to manage the fleet effectively.
  9. Drivers are required in the case of rented vehicles. The GPS tracking facility helps to know where the drivers are and the expected time to reach the customer.
  10. In the car rental business the communication between the driver and the passenger is very important. Communication facilitates order confirmation and also timely arrival of the vehicles.
  11. The mobile application helps the users access the application from anywhere easily.

Moiboo car rental management software is an online cloud based software which integrates all the activities of the rental business and helps the business to grow.Car rental software helps in handling the bookings, managing the customers and sending alerts to customers through SMS.

The features of the Moiboo car rental software are

  • Recurring invoices
  • Invoices
  • Vehicle management
  • Vendor management
  • Document management
  • Mobile App
  • Accounting
  • Digital agreement
  • Fleet management


Moiboo is an online application for small and medium car rental agencies. All the rentals and service activities of the agency are maintained in one software thus saving time and cost.

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