Car rental business

Car rental business is one of the successful businesses in Singapore. Car rental business software is a complete ERP solution that monitors the front office and back-office operations of the car rental business. Using the car rental business software the activities like rental bookings, digital agreements, invoicing, vehicle and customer management and accounting etc can be performed in one place. Car rental software helps you to accept online reservations and manage your fleet from a single software. With the customised software the customer will be able to get the exact quotes, the desired The vehicle and its availability from the website.

Features of a car rental business software

  • Recurring invoices
  • Invoicing
  • Vehicle management
  • Document management
  • Vendor Management
  • Mobile App
  • Accounting
  • Digital agreement
  • Fleet Management

Advantages of using Car rental business software

Car rental business software helps in making the reservations at one click. The customer is able to choose the desired vehicle based on his requirement and also choose the time it is needed. He can easily check if the vehicle is available at the time he desires and makes the reservations. It also helps the rental owner manage the bookings. He can keep a check on when there is a complete reserved day and it is ensured that only vehicles that are available for booking are booked. This avoids confusion

The software integrates itself with the payment gateways through which payment for the rides can be made online without any issues. The customer need not visit the business place to make his payment. He can do it online

The software has features that help in keeping the vehicles well maintained. Car rental companies need to have vehicles well maintained so that the customer who is taking the vehicle on rent does not have any problem with his transit. The due dates and insurance dates are added in the software and the owner can be reminded of these due dates as and when they are due.

Car rental business software has a powerful reporting tool. The reports can be used to make important management decisions. The reports can be saved and reused at any time.

The software is a complete ERP system that will be able to manage, book, invoice and perform all functions all from one place.

Fleet is the inventory here and the rental owner needs to maintain his inventory well to increase his business and earn profits. Accounting of expenses, regular maintenance, repairs, inspections and garage inventory are blended together to give you accurate expense on a vehicle, model, group or station level. If historical data can be retrieved the customer’s needs can be easily met and in the case of repetitive customers it is easy to prepare recurring invoices.

Car rental software is mandatory for car rental business. If you need good management, financial reporting software

How to choose the right car rental business software

The software that you choose should have a good reservation system. Customers should be able to make bookings online from the comfort of your living rooms.

There should be a good tracking system so that the owner knows where his vehicle is going or how the employees are making use of the vehicle.

Settle for a system which is effective at your ideal customer number figure to avoid mix-ups about vehicle availability once your business attains that level.

Make sure the system is easy to navigate lest your users get confused while trying to, say, book a car. Give preference to those that are easy to use not only for customers but also for you, the business owner. Those that accomplish communication, billing, and booking in a few steps are even better.

Benefits of car rental business software

The effective use of the software helps to reduce operational costs. It provides a very affordable means of running a car rental business.

The software not only reports on the efficiency of the vehicles but also reminds you about your scheduled automobile maintenance

It gives you a head start in the otherwise stiff competition


Car Rental Software details all the challenges that car rental business face. From the day to day operations to fleet management tracking the platform provides very many capabilities.

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